10 Roofing “Commandments” An Expert Houston Roofer Follows To The Letter

January 31, 2022

A Trained And Experienced Roofer Knows EXACTLY
What To Do & What Not To Do

In most professions, the gap between a beginner and an expert is HUGE. Roofing is no different.

An expert Houston roofer knows what to look for and how to look for it. For example, an unqualified roofer might not even know to check for rotted decking, let alone what signs to look out for. An experienced roofer will also know exactly which permits to obtain, how to navigate complex insurance claims, and properly ventilate your home.

Here’s a list of 10 roofing “commandments” that every roof installer at Houston Roofing & Construction follows to a T.

1. Know The Ins & Outs Of Insurance Claims

Doing an excellent job as a roofer is not just about installation, it’s also knowing how to navigate complicated insurance claims.

Often, homeowners are confused or overwhelmed by insurance specifications and demands. Your roofer is your best advocate when it comes to wading through the jargon and terms and conditions put forth by insurance companies.

At Houston Roofing & Construction, we’re roof insurance experts. We’ll be with you when your insurance adjuster arrives so that we can advocate for you and make sure that you’re getting exactly what you should on your roof insurance claim.

2. Don’t Skip Out On Permits

A minor roof repair may not require a permit, but anything affecting the structure of your home will need a building permit. Your roofing contractor is obligated to find out if a permit is needed and get one if it is.

When you hire an expert roofing company, like Houston Roofing & Construction, you never need to be worried that the appropriate permit wasn’t obtained.

3. Register Thy Warranty

Every new roof should be registered through the manufacturer. Houston Roofing & Construction does this for you, so you know your new roof will be covered!

4. Install Proper Ventilation

You don’t want to find out what happens when your roofer forgets to install vents. Especially in a place like Houston, your home needs proper ventilation, or your roof won’t last as long as it should. You could experience moisture buildup, mold, and mildew in your attic if the ventilation isn’t enough for your home. As part of your roof replacement quote, we analyze your existing ventilation and recommend the best modifications for your home. This may include cutting in extra venting or adding/replacing dome vents or fans.

5. Inspect For Rotted Decking

The first layer of your roof is your deck. Sometimes the decking doesn’t have to be replaced with the rest of your roof. In other instances, the decking IS the problem, and it has to be torn off. An experienced roofer knows to check the decking for signs of rot – like spongy areas, discolored spots, and mold growth. We will always replace areas of concern, which will ensure your roof lasts longer without repair.

6. Protect The Landscape

Replacing or repairing a roof can be VERY messy. There are dozens of nails, plastic tarps, and debris from the old roof. No homeowner wants their lawn to be littered with all of this junk. But protecting a customer’s landscapes takes forethought. It’s not something that can be done on the spur of the moment.

At Houston Roofing & Construction, we make sure to place a tarp over the area surrounding the roof. This ensures that any debris that falls from the roof is caught in the tarp. To catch stray nails that might have missed the tarp, our project manager does a once-over of the customer’s entire lawn with a magnet.

Leaving a customer’s lawn spotless is part of professionalism, and isn’t something that’s optional for us.

7. Follow Proper Installation Sequence

There are many layers to a roof, and they need to be installed in the right order. If a roofer skips a step, your roof will suffer. And it’s not like they can just come back to that step later.

There’s the underlying roof structure, wooden panels that comprise the deck, protective underlayment, and finally – the shingles. Your roofer will also install flashing around any gaps in your roof, such as the chimney and vents.

8. Don’t Install A Piecemeal Roofing System

Some less experienced roofers try to save a buck by hunting for bargains on roofing parts. They wind up with a whole bunch of parts that need to be jammed into each other because each product is made differently from the next one.

At Houston Roofing & Construction, we are firm believers in a uniform roofing system where all roofing materials and parts are in sync. That’s why we get all of our roofing parts from GAF. Since all of the roofing parts we use are DESIGNED to work in harmony with each other, the finished product is stronger, higher quality, and more aesthetically pleasing.

9. Honor Thy Workmanship Warranty

Many roofing companies have a warranty just to be able to say they have one. When push comes to shove, they find any loophole to not fulfill their end of the bargain. So, what was supposed to be a guarantee that provides peace of mind, ends up just being a useless piece of paper.

At Houston Roofing & Construction we’re proud to offer GAF’s highest warranty, the Golden Pledge,and we honor our warranty 100% of the time.

10. Don’t Take Shortcuts

An expert roofer knows that there’s no such thing as a shortcut. In fact, most “shortcuts” turn out to be “longcuts” if you stick around long enough. Using cheaper materials that are of lesser quality, not using enough nails per shingle, not obtaining the right permits are all the ways unscrupulous roofers try to cut corners.

Houston Roofing & Construction does the opposite. We take the longer route because that’s better for our customers. For example, we got our RCAT license even though in Texas, roofers don’t need any kind of license.

Choose the roofing company that NEVER takes shortcuts. Contact Houston Roofing & Construction for a FREE roof inspection & estimate.

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