10 Signs You Need A Roof Repair

November 17, 2020

10 Signs You Need A Roof Repair

Nothing plays a more important role in protecting your home than your roof, which is why it’s crucial to make sure it’s in excellent condition.

While a quality roof should last for many years, there are several red flags that could indicate you’re in need of roof repair.

Before you call for a roofing assessment, read on to discover 10 signs that your roof may need repair before it’s too late.

1. Light in the Attic

If outside light is starting to beam through to your attic, there’s a very good chance you need roof repair – and fast. The presence of outside light coming into your attic during the day means there’s a serious problem.

If you notice beams of light (or even one beam) coming into the attic, that means water can make its way in through those very same spots. It could be a matter of replacing the shingles, or it may mean that the plywood is starting to rot and could be compromised.

2. Sagging Spots Means Roof Repair is Imminent

Any part of your roof that appears to be drooping or sagging needs to repair as soon as possible. Sagging roofs are typically a result of trapped moisture that causes boards to rot.

Look for sagging spots at the lowest points in the roof first, then work your way upward. If you see drooping areas or sags, it’s time to call a roofing repair company as soon as possible.

3. Visible Shingle Damage

Examine your shingles and look for signs of cracking or curling. Missing shingles is another indication that you’ll need a roofing assessment to determine what type of repair is needed.

Issues with your shingles usually mean they’ve reached the end of their lifespan and need to be replaced. The more shingles you see that are in bad condition, the bigger the scope of the damage.

4. Green Spots

When water sits on top of your roof, it can cause moss to grow, especially under shaded areas. Moss and fungi can accumulate on your roof, which means that not enough moisture is evaporating or escaping.

A bit of moss or mold here and there isn’t anything to panic about, however, large areas or thick patches of plants could be a sign that there’s possible rot. Use a stiff brush to gently remove mossy patches on your roof. If you see visible rotting underneath, it’s time for a roof repair.

5. Granules in Your Gutters

Roofs with composite or asphalt shingles use granules on the top layer, which can shed and wear off over time. A few granules coming off your roof is normal, but piles of them could be a serious red flag.

Check your gutters after a rainstorm and look for the accumulation of granules. The granules usually look like black sand (but a bigger) and a lot of them may mean your roof needs some TLC and repair. In most cases, missing granules is due to aging shingles or it could be because of damage after a hailstorm. 

6. Stains on Your Ceilings and Walls

If you have a roof leak, it can cause water stains to accumulate on the walls or ceilings in your home. These unsightly stains not only look bad, but they’re also a sign of a serious roof-related problem.

You should never see water stains inside your home unless there’s some sort of leak occurring. It may mean that the roof underlayment is compromised and letting water in. It might also be a sign of a hole or serious breach in the roof’s structural integrity.

7. Your Energy Costs Suddenly Skyrocket

After several winter and summer seasons, you likely know how much your heating and cooling bill should be each month. If those bills start to reach unusually high numbers, it’s possible that your roof needs some attention.

When air leaks and escapes through a hole or breach in your roof, it will make your interior temperatures uneven. Your HVAC system will need to work harder to keep you comfortable, thus the higher utility costs. Check your roof carefully and look for signs of damage so you can call for repair right away.

8. Flashing or Chimney Issues

The flashing is the material that connects the chimney to your house, and it keeps the chimney from leaking. When this part of your roof comes loose or cracks, it’s important to get it corrected ASAP.

Once your flashing is compromised, it brings moisture into direct contact with the chimney, which may result in even more serious damage. Contact us for a free roof assessment so we can take a closer look and correct any flashing issues before things get out of hand.

9. Unusual Wet Spots Inside the Home

You don’t necessarily need to have water pouring inside your home if you have a problem with your roof. Small puddles and wet spots inside means water is collecting somewhere from above.

Look for any mold or mildew that may be in places you’d least expect it. Blistering or peeling paint is another good indicator that there is a moisture problem. Any signs of water or excess moisture inside the home may translate into a professional roof repair. 

10. Critters in the Attic

Wild animals living in your attic can wreak havoc on your home as they chew on wiring and tear up insulation. The issue with wild animals isn’t just due to the damage they cause; it may also mean you need roof repair.

Animals will look for easy access points during the cold months to find a place where they can nest and stay warm. If animals are inside your home, they could be getting in via a damaged part of your roof or venting.  

Don’t Delay if You Have Roof Problems

Whether it’s damaged shingles, moss, or leaks, be aware of the signs you may need roof repair so you can take steps to correct them. A damaged roof can cause serious issues if it goes ignored.

Paying for a roof assessment doesn’t mean that you’ll get better service. We offer a free roof assessment to help you determine where the trouble spots are to ensure high-quality repair.

To request a free roof inspection and estimate or to ask about our services, contact us today.

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