4 Tips For a Commercial Roof Self-Inspection Before You Bring In the Pros

October 30, 2020

4 Tips For A Commercial Roof Self-Insection
Before You In The Pros

It’s not just your home that needs roof repair. Commercial roofs are exposed to the elements just as constantly, and if you want your Houston business to look fresh and inviting year round, you will occasionally need commercial roof repair. But how do you know when that time comes? The best way is to do an inspection to look for any problem areas. Have you ever done a roof self-inspection before? Before you bring in the commercial roofing experts, here are a few self-inspection tips:

Safety First

Before you do anything else, make sure you’re taking all the precautions necessary for a roofing self-inspection. What this requires will depend on the type of commercial roofing you have. Is your roof flat? You probably won’t have trouble accessing it or walking across it, but you should be mindful of skylights as well as any soft, potentially rotted areas. If your roof is sloped, make sure to wear sneakers or work boots, nothing that will likely slip. Stay clear of the edge as much as you can. If you use a ladder to reach the roof, be gentle to ensure it stays upright.

Check Your Warranty

Some warranties are contingent upon who performs the roof repairs, even small repairs. Thus before you perform the self-inspection and make any adjustments, check your warranty to make sure that you won’t be canceling it on accident. It may be best to leave any of the repairs to the commercial roofing experts, anyway, so that you know with confidence that they’re done right the first time.

No Problem Too Small

When it comes to commercial roof inspections, get the idea of a “minor problem” out of your head. Minor problems can build up and cause major problems for your roof or the structure of the building itself. Even shed granules from your asphalt shingle roof can be an issue: those granules offer a protective barrier between the weather and your roof, so if they begin to fall off, your roof is more exposed and vulnerable. Loose flashing, discoloration, or chipped shingles are all issues that should be taken seriously, as should algae forming on the corners of the roof.

Do Regular Maintenance

You only have so much budget to spend on roof repairs when it comes to your business. If you want to avoid roof repairs or replacement as time goes on, keep up with regular maintenance. That means occasional inspections, cleaning, and clearing your roof gutters and drains, as well. There are still storms and extreme weather that might make roof repairs a necessity, but it will help to lengthen the lifespan and health of your roof.

Once your roofing self-inspection is done, you may find you need commercial roof repairs done. If that’s the case, Houston Roofing can help. We even offer regular maintenance so you can keep your roof in good shape for years to come. Contact us today for more information or a free estimate to get started.

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