4 Ways Your Trees Can Wreck Your Roof

September 10, 2021

You Might Appreciate Them, But Your Roof Doesn’t 

Who doesn’t love trees?

They’re beautiful, even elegant. They provide relief from the sun and much-needed oxygen. And they have a way of making you feel connected to nature.

But as much as you might enjoy the look and feel of your trees, your roof is less than thrilled with them.

When it comes to the relationship between trees and your roof, the rule of thumb is: look but don’t touch.

Trees actually give your roof shade and protection. An abundance of trees in your yard is fine, as long as they keep their distance from your roof.

If Trees Are Too Close For Comfort, These 4 Things Can Happen

Hazard # 1: Damage To Roof Shingles And Granules

If the branch of a tree constantly chafes against your roof, chances are that granules will eventually rub off (the same granules that prevent water from penetrating your roof). Your shingles can also be weakened by constant scraping from tree branches. Even moderate storms can lead to shingles falling off or leaks forming if your shingles are already at risk.

Hazard # 2: Falling Limbs And Branches

If a large tree branch extends over your roof, wind or lightning can easily cause the branch to break off and damage your roof. Even small branches that break off can damage your shingles by scraping against them.

Hazard # 3: Beware Of Pests

If tree branches are in close contact with your roof, wood ants can travel across the branches to reach your roof. The last thing you want is a party of ants chomping on your roof!

Hazard #4: Too Little Sun

Shade is great, but too much of anything is a bad thing — and the same applies to shade. If your roof is completely shaded by trees and has very little exposure to sun, that can create the perfect environment for mold and mildew to grow.

Houston Roofing Can Solve Your Tree Problem

Close Attention To Detail

When we inspect your roof for the first time, we’re careful to pay attention to EVERYTHING. That means that we assess how many trees you have and how close they are to your roof. We don’t beat around the bush (pun intended!) or try to pretend problems don’t exist.

Instead, we pinpoint areas of your yard that need maintenance. We’ll let you know which trees need to be pruned and how often you’ll need to prune them in order to avoid roof damage.

Superior Products

We ONLY use GAF roofing products — the BEST roofing products that exist. So, even if you do have a tree problem, you can feel confident that your roof is made of materials that are more durable, more scratch resistant, and less conducive to mold and mildew growth than any other kind of roofing product.

Ironclad Warranty

The warranty we offer you is ROCK-SOLID. We can give you this warranty because we’re part of the 3% of roofers in the ENTIRE nation who’ve earned the highest level of certification from GAF.

Since GAF knows that we’ll install their products exactly how they’re supposed to be installed, (because we’re certified at the highest level) they have no problem providing us with a warranty that gives you 100% coverage for YEARS. 

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