5 Most Common Terms Used In Our Online Reviews

September 10, 2023

Top Terms Used In Our Online
Customer Reviews

Don’t Be Surprised To See These Words
Pop Up Over And Over Again

One of the internet’s best features is exploring a company’s customer reviews with the click of a button. And it’s no different when shopping for roofing contractors.

Google reviews are one the most valuable resources in discovering how a roofing company REALLY performs. Unless created by “bots,” most reviews do not lie and give you cold, hard insight into how a company performs.

And one of the useful features of Google reviews is the “most used words” section (See the photo below for an example).

Common Words - Reviews - Houston Roofing

Example of common terms used in our Google Reviews

The More Positive The Words, The
More Positive The Service

Some of the most common words can be generic, but some can be extremely helpful in determining how a roofing company operates and interacts with its customers.

So, let’s look at the words you’re most likely to see in our Google reviews.

#1. Project Manager

Project Manager - Houston Roofing

ex. of online review mentioning “project manager”

What do Project Managers (instead of subcontractors) have to do with five-star reviews?


Every single one of our roofing projects is assigned an in-house Project Manager to ensure your project goes as smoothly as possible. Not only does this give you one easy-to-reach point person from start to finish, but it gives you your own personal expert.

Our project managers are full-time employees with a vested interest in your project. They’re passionate about their craft, are experienced and certified, and have a continuing flow of roofing knowledge at the tip of their fingers – all qualities that benefit your roof replacement or roof repair.

#2. Informative

Roof Replacement Information - Houston

ex of online review mentioning “information”

Instead of holding back important information or taking advantage of our expert knowledge, we share all the information you need to make an educated decision.

So, we tell you what roofing products will work best for your specific home and which services you need (replacement vs. repair). We also explain why you may be having an issue and the best ways to prevent them in the future.

Simply put, we arm you with the knowledge you need to receive the superior roofing results you deserve.

#3. Insurance Company

Insurance Claims - Houston Roofing

ex of review discussing “insurance company”

Now, why would the term “insurance company” frequent a roofing company’s reviews? Because we know how to deal with insurance companies, so you can get the claim benefits that are rightfully yours.

Unfortunately, not many other roofers in the Houston area know how to properly file insurance claims, leaving the messy details up to you. But we know how to properly document and assess any damage your roof has sustained.

From there, we help you file your claim, walking you and your adjuster through the repair or replacement steps needed to get your roof back in working condition.

#4. Responsive

Responsive Communication - Houston Roofing

ex of online review mentioning “responsive”

This positive quality of ours speaks for itself. Unlike other roofing contractors who are impossible to reach, we are always quick to answer, quick to respond, and quick to answer any questions.

We know there’s no time to waste when it comes to roof replacement or roof repair. So, we give you a quote within 24 hours after your initial assessment. And after you decide to go with us, we put you on the schedule as quickly as possible.

Plus, we accommodate any scheduling conflicts that may pop up for you while always staying communicative.

#5. Warranty

Roof Replacement Warranty - Houston

ex of online review mentioning “warranty”

It’s no big secret why the term “warranty” pops up repeatedly in our online reviews – we offer the best in the roofing industry. However, it’s common for other roofing contractors to offer the bare minimum in terms of warranty protection.

But as GAF Master Elite certified roofers, we’re able to offer their Golden Pledge warranty – an industry best. And not only can we offer the best warranties, but we register and submit the paperwork ourselves, ensuring you’re fully protected.

Discover How These Terms Can Give YOUR Houston
Home Outstanding Roofing Results

At Houston Roofing & Construction, we care about our customers’ experience, and we listen to what their reviews have to say.

From our experienced, knowledgeable Project Managers to our quick response time and industry-best warranties, we live up to our five-star reviews. Here, positive feedback is appreciated, but customer approval is non-negotiable.

When you’re ready to see what our positive online reviews are all about, we’re here and ready to start your roofing project. Call Houston Roofing & Construction today for a free quote!

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