5 Reasons You Should Have Your Roof Cleaned

June 14, 2021

Is Your Roof In Need of Cleaning? Here Are a Few Reasons To Have Your Roof Cleaned

Your roof is exposed to the elements all year long, protecting your family from adverse weather. It’s only natural that algae can grow after a while, and dirt and soggy leaves can begin to accumulate. Fortunately, there are methods to wash your roof, though many homeowners don’t think about their roof much without obvious problems. When they do, they may wonder whether roof cleaning is truly necessary, whether algae growth and fallen leaves and debris will cause any lasting damage to the roof.

The truth is that roof cleaning is important and inevitable if you want your roof to last for the expected lifespan. In today’s blog, we’ll address your questions and concerns about roof cleaning.

Does Cleaning Your Roof Damage It?

Some homeowners might worry that cleaning their roof — or cleaning their roof the wrong way — will damage it. This is true if you use the wrong methods or materials on certain materials, but with expertise, you should be able to avoid any roof damage. High-pressure washing or the use of chlorine can damage your shingles and could potentially void your warranty. That’s why low-pressure washing is generally recommended for roof cleaning. Talk to a professional about the methods and cleaning solutions to use on your roof. 

But is roof cleaning necessary? Here are a few reasons to have your roof cleaned.

#1 – Rain Won’t Wash Everything Off

You typically won’t have to worry about things like dirt, twigs, or fallen leaves when it comes to roof cleaning. As long as your roof gutters are in shape, the rain will often wash these things away. What won’t wash away so easily is algae growth. Algae grows in damp, shaded corners of roofs, and includes a root system so it can truly wear down your roof. 

#2 – Fungus Can Cause Roof Rot

Fungal plants with root systems can infect your roof on a deeper level, wearing down your roof shingles and even sometimes reaching the roof decking if left alone. Fungus, algae, and lichens can also lead to shingle deterioration and, in extreme cases, roof rot. If you reach the point of struggling with roof rot, you could pay hundreds in repairs or even thousands in the cost of a roof replacement. A roof cleaning will save you money and help your roof to last longer.

#3 – Clean Roof, Cleaner Home

It might not be an obvious correlation, but if your roof is cleaner, it could actually cool your home. Algae and fungi absorb heat. When they’re attached to your roof, that heat is absorbed by your roof — and your home as a whole. This can lead to the home feeling rather stuffy, especially on humid summer days. Fortunately, when you keep your roof clean and free of fungi, it also keeps your home of that stuffy summer humidity. 

#4 – Protect Your Warranty

At Houston Roofing, we offer the GAF Golden Pledge warranty, the best warranty in the industry. It includes 50 years of non-prorated coverage for the entire roofing system, and a 25-year workmanship warranty. But not all warranties are the GAF Golden Pledge warranty, and many can be voided due to negligence or poor roof care. 

If you use high-pressure washing or damaging chemical products, for instance, your warranty might be voided. Your warranty might also be voided if you simply neglect roof care for the entire time, depending on the warranty.  By cleaning your roof and cleaning it the right way, you’ll be able to ensure your warranty remains.

#5 – Boost Your Home Value

Preparing to sell your home in the next few years, or simply worried about your home value decreasing? The housing market is incredibly fluid, and if you don’t take care to continue maintaining and improving your home, your home value may decrease significantly by the time you sell the property. By keeping your roof healthy and regularly cleaned, you’re likely to protect your home value from decreasing and may even boost the energy efficiency and value of your home overall.

A high-quality GAF roof is important to your home, but even the best roof will still need to be maintained occasionally. Fortunately, we’re roofing experts at Houston Roofing. Contact us today to learn more about roof cleaning or to order roof repairs or a roof replacement.

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