How A Gift Certificate For New Shoes Got Brought Up At Our Houston Roofing Weekly Lessons Learned Discussion

June 4, 2021

A Story About A Nail, A Pair Of Shoes, And A Company That NEVER Makes Excuses

Construction by nature is very disruptive, noisy, dirty and filled with safety hazards. When we replace or repair your roof, there are a whole bunch of nails and screws, little scraps of metal and plastic, and pieces of wood that manage to get ALL over the place. That’s why we don’t go to any roofing repair or replacement in Houston without our trusty tarp that catches 99.99% of all the debris.

Sometimes it’s funny to see how far these tiny bits of metal are able to travel. And sometimes it’s not so funny – like the time my aunt stepped on a nail, and it went straight through the sole of her shoe. 

A few weeks back, we were replacing my aunt’s roof, and while walking to her home office that morning she encountered that rude nail.

Thankfully, the nail didn’t penetrate my aunt’s foot, and she was ok – but her shoe wasn’t so lucky. 

So, We Got Her A Gift Certificate For A New Pair Of Shoes

And that doesn’t have anything to do with the fact that she’s my aunt. This is something we would do for any of our clients.

We have this mindset that no matter what goes wrong during our construction projects – we will make it right.  That’s why we train every one of our employees to step up to the plate and be accountable to make things right.

In my aunt’s case – the way to fix this was a new pair of shoes – and the minute we found out what happened, we got her a gift certificate for a new pair of shoes. 

Aside From Fixing Our Mistakes Right Away, We Are Careful Not To Make Them In The First Place

This is how we ensure that the kind of thing that happened to my aunt is extremely rare (so rare, that we write about it when it happens): 

  • We Cover The Area Around Your Roof With A Tarp

    The first thing we do – before we even hammer in a single nail – is cover the entire ground near your roof with a tarp. The tarp protects your vegetation and catches debris that might fall from the roof as we are working. 

  • We Use A Large Magnet To Pick Up Any Metal Scraps 

    Aside from the tarp, we also do a sweep of the entire area surrounding your roof with a large magnet that picks up all metallic bits and pieces. 

    Our crew makes a first pass at clean-up. In order to make sure that we got every last screw and nail, the project manager makes another thorough sweep of the area with the magnet. 

  • We Have Conversations In Advance With Homeowners To Tell Them What Precautions To Take

    It’s all about communication! As careful as we are, it is important for homeowners to know where not to go and what to expect when we are replacing or repairing their roof. 

    We always make sure to have a thorough conversation with you prior to working on your roof, to explain which areas to avoid and how to make sure that you don’t get hurt or inconvenienced in any way.

  • We Have A Weekly Lessons Learned And Safety Topics Discussion

    One of the downsides of being a hard-working roofing company in Houston is that you’re busy all day long, and you might not have the time to sit down and think. That’s why we enforced a weekly discussion where we all sit and talk about the lessons we learned that week. 

    Talking about the mistakes that we made over the week and the things we did to resolve them makes it far less likely for us to repeat those same mistakes and we get to spend more time talking about our successes. 

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