A Massive Quote From Outer Space?

May 5, 2023

It’s A Bird! It’s A Plane! It’s A… Satellite
Spying On Your Commercial Roof?

The Surprising Reason Behind Some
Roofer’s “No-Visit” Roof Inspection


You’re a business owner in the Greater Houston Area who, lately, finds yourself growing concerned about the integrity of your roof.

So to put some feelers out there, you contact various local Houston roofers. And the second they hear you’re a business looking for a potential commercial roof replacement, they start chomping at the bit.

So when you contact said enthusiastic commercial roofing contractors, they claim they’ll provide a “detailed” estimate and get back to you. 

That’s it. No, “When would it be best for us to come to inspect your roof?” Just, “We’ll get back to you with an estimate when we have everything measured.”

What gives?

Well… satellites are what gives.

Confused yet? Don’t be – because at Houston Roofing & Construction, we love writing about topics like this to clear the air and, in this case, deorbit your doubts.

We’re Houston’s Commercial Roof Archaeologists

In a world where Houston commercial roofers lean heavily on satellite imagery and outsourcing (often to foreign companies), Houston Roofing & Construction stands… worlds apart.


By providing personalized, on-site inspections to guarantee the best outcome for your business. 

We understand that relying on distant images and third-party assessments is like trying to decode space static – you simply can’t get the complete picture without boots on the roof.

Our expert commercial roof repair and replacement PMs know that a hands-on approach is non-negotiable to produce exceptional results. We provide layers-deep accuracy in our quotes by visiting each commercial roof and meticulously assessing every detail. And when we say “layers-deep,” we’re not being metaphorical – we really do get down to the core of the matter with our very own core roof samples

Brought to you by this intimidating-looking device:

Commercial Roof Core Sampler Houston Roofing Tx

Imagine the difference – an image from so high up where there’s not even oxygen – as opposed to literally digging a hole in your commercial roof.

Why does a core sample offer leaps and bounds of accuracy over a mere satellite image?

  • Accurate identification of roof layers and materials – Core samples allow roofing professionals to examine the entire depth of a roof, revealing the true composition and structure. This detailed information is crucial for determining the most suitable commercial roof repair or replacement strategy.
  • Detection of hidden damage or issues – A core sample can reveal underlying issues, such as trapped moisture, rot, or damage to insulation, that may not be visible from the surface. Identifying these hidden problems early on can help prevent more extensive and costly damage in the future.
  • Precise assessment of roof lifespan – By analyzing the core sample, roofing experts can better understand the current state and history of the roof, including any previous repairs or modifications. This includes detecting any lazy past “repairs” that included mounds of caulk to “patch” a problem.

And one of the best benefits of our core sampler? Its extreme accuracy ensures you’re not offered commercial roof services you don’t need.

With Core Samples In Hand – We’ll Know PRECISELY
What Your Commercial Roof Needs

Commercial Roof Replacement Inspection Core Sample Houston Roofing Tx

As we’ve already stated – commercial roofing quote accuracy is non-negotiable. While satellite imagery may seem appealing, it only tells part of the story of your roof. At Houston Roofing and Construction, we take pride in our hands-on approach, which includes taking core samples to fully understand your roof’s state.

The most significant benefit of all for core sampling?

Double-bullseye accurate quotes, with no surprises or hidden costs, ensure we only tackle what’s necessary to provide you with a long-lasting, top-quality solution.

Whether it’s hyper-specific repair solutions that will get your business up and running again in the most cost-effective way, or the kickstart of a preventative maintenance program, we’ll say it a million times over – in-person inspections are indisputably better than satellite imagery for commercial roof replacement.

From Our Business To Yours

If you’re a Houston Area business owner with commercial roof concerns, look no further than Houston Roofing & Construction and our trusted inspection methods  – contact us for a free roof inspection & estimate today!

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