A Quick Guide To Roof Maintenance

November 25, 2020

A Quick Guide To Roof Maintenance

So you have a new roof. You chose a roofer you can trust (and bypassed the shady ones!) and a top roofing product, but even the best roof won’t last long if it’s neglected.

If you want to keep your roof in shape for years to come, you need to get used to performing roofing maintenance. Not sure where to start? Don’t worry. We have you covered with this homeowner’s guide to roof maintenance. 

Check Shingles Regularly

If you have a roof with asphalt shingles, you’ll want to keep an eye on your shingles. From the ground, you can give the roof an occasional look for missing or curled shingles. However, after a storm, you should take special care to look for missing or damaged shingles. You should also check your roof gutters for shed granules. If the granules of your asphalt shingles are shedding, this means the roof is not as protected as it once was and may need some repairs.

Keep Your Gutter In Shape

Your roof gutter does quite an important job when it comes to protecting your home. Thanks to your roof gutters, water doesn’t pool on the roof or run off and damage your foundation. But if your gutters are clogged or leaking, they can’t protect your roof. Make sure that twice a year, often in spring and autumn, you clean your roof gutters and inspect for any cracks or leaks. Make sure your downspout is in shape, as well, and not clogged as this can ruin the health of your roof gutters.

Schedule Annual Roof Inspections

Even if you’re careful in your roof maintenance, there may still be things that you miss. A roofing professional, however, knows exactly what subtle problems to look for. That’s why you want to try to have your roof inspected every year, as well as having it inspected after particularly bad storms. A roof inspection will offer keen insight into the health of your roof as well as bring to attention any issues you may need to have repaired in a report. It may also help you form a plan when it comes to maintenance.

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