A Roofer With A Direct Line Of Communication

February 17, 2023

A Direct Line Of Communication – It’s Just
How We Do Things At Houston Roofing

Especially When “Ryan The Roofer” Is On
Hand To Answer Your Calls

A business exists to attract, well, business… right? So why do so many contractors let their prospective clients fall by the wayside and not return their calls?

We’re not exaggerating – one of the top complaints we hear from our now happy clients is that their now ex-contractor simply stopped returning their calls. So by the time they reach us, their patience in the communications department is already running thin.

We could get intimidated by this, but we don’t. Because our process, down to our always-open lines of communication, is on point.

Why We Take Communication So Seriously

The success of any Houston roofing contractor depends on how they treat people before any contract is ever signed.

Many of these questionable Houston roofers are only motivated by dollar signs — and if they don’t see the numbers hitting their account by the second or third call with you — they bail.

But we’re keenly aware that a roof replacement is a big deal (it is what we’ve been successfully doing for over a decade, after all). Therefore, we take it very seriously if you understandably have a list of questions or concerns before we kick off your project – that can’t simply be answered over one call (heaven forbid).

You see, getting a quick sale is not in our best interest. What is in our best interest is you getting exactly what you need to solve your roofing dilemma.

And to get all of this “before-the-nail-guns-come-out” stuff properly prepared – there must be communication. And more communication.

So we’re consistently ready to respond to emails, calls, and text messages, if necessary.

Especially by our very own “Ryan The Roofer.”

See A Watermark? Call Ryan The Roofer!

One of our Residential Roofing Project Managers, Ryan, wants to talk to you about roofing.

So instead of a list of random roofers’ numbers taking up space in your call log, he would prefer you save “Ryan the Roofer” to your contact list.

Ryan has been successfully helping Houston homeowners get their dream roofs for over six years and goes far above and beyond the call of any standard roofer.

Some might even call him a “roofing nerd,” which might be true… but we’ll just leave it at “Ryan the Roofer” for now.

If you’re ever concerned about a leak rearing its ugly head, even small damages on your shingles, or just want to know more about our fantastic GAF roofing lines, don’t hesitate to call Ryan.

He loves to talk about anything roofing – both commercial and residential roofing alike.

Our Whole Crew Makes Sure
To Regularly Reach Out

Not all Houston roofers have a professional process that they can rely on to ensure their projects all go through without a hitch.

So beyond Ryan the Roofer, our entire team at Houston Roofing and Construction is dedicated to staying in constant contact throughout and even after your roof replacement.

In other words, we’ll never pass you from person to person – you know, the “I’ll leave this mess for the next guy to deal with” mentality.

Not us.

Not ever.

Our Project Managers are on top of all your concerns and, quite literally, will have a direct line of communication with you, so all you have to do is not stress about your roof being replaced. 

Speaking Of Communication – We’re
Ready To Take Your Call Today!

If you need your roof replaced in Houston and done by the stress-free communicators of roofing, contact Houston Roofing & Construction for a free roof inspection and estimate today.

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