Benefits of a Single Service Area

June 14, 2024

Covering ONLY The Greater Houston Area Means
You Always Get Superior Roofing Results

Our Local Customers LOVE That We
Focus Exclusively On Them

When you want to hire a residential or commercial roofing service in Tomball, TX, consider hiring the experts at Houston Roofing.

We specialize in projects around the Houston metropolitan area. Unlike many of our competitors, we never seek work in other regions of the state or country. It lets us focus entirely on your area without distractions.

Some contractors, known informally as “storm chasers,” routinely follow the paths of tornadoes, hurricanes, or other damaging weather patterns where roofing services are in high demand. They can find clients easily and often charge a premium.

We never behave that way. Instead, we remain laser-focused on one service area. Everything we do is geared toward providing you with a prompt, attentive roofing experience.

If you’re experiencing moisture leaks or heat loss and your roof is costing you money, we are ready, willing, and able to help.

How Our Tight Focus Benefits You

We recommend potential clients seek multiple quotesfrom contractors working around the region. We are confident that our A+ roofers can provide better workmanship, attentive service, and more bang for your buck.


Because we don’t face the need to travel or the cost of chasing business all over the map to reach your location. Our offices are just down the road, which makes us accessible, easy to reach, and reliable.

In our early years, we sought work where we could find it. However, we soon discovered that we were better able to serve clients by concentrating on a single service area. That’s why we’ve chosen to stay truly local.

That decision – made years ago – benefits you in several ways.

You Enjoy Hassle-Free Service

We don’t have to travel great distances or bunk in motels during your project. So, we have access to all the tools and materials we might need to complete your job efficiently and effectively. You don’t experience snags, delays, or frustrations as we race home to grab a piece of equipment.

It’s truly hassle-free service, and we do it right or not at all.

Moreover, as Master Elite-certified installers of GAF products, we are able to offer GAF’s Golden Pledge Warranty.

This means you receive hassle-free service even after the project is complete. You get 50 years of non-prorated coverage without hidden deductions or diminishing coverage as the years pass.

We Offer Continuity Of Supervision

When contractors operate crews out of town, they must often rotate them to bring teams home and keep workers happy. This means homeowners must get accustomed to changing faces and new leadership.

Worse, during these changeovers, details can slip through the cracks and mistakes might not be caught or fixed.

Since we don’t have to rotate crews to bring out-of-town workers home, you get supervisory continuity and work only with one team.

Our customers much prefer working with a familiar crew of licensed roofers and an uninterrupted project leader to the unpredictability and changeability of other contractors’ methods.

We Accept Jobs Of Any Size

When a contractor must travel some distance to complete a job, the sales team often decides it needs to maximize the project’s earnings to make it worth the company’s while. They may then “pad” the needs assessment to include more work.

Since we don’t face that issue, we can accept jobs of all sizes and types. Do you need a few wind-damaged shingles replaced? We’ll do it happily! If the roof is sagging due to water damage? We’ll handle that, too.

When you have us perform a roof inspection, you receive an accurate assessment of your roof’s TRUE needs. Not what we need to do to make the job profitable for us.

So, if you need roofing service in Tomball, TX, work with a contractor who is laser-focused on the area. Contact Houston Roofing & Construction today to schedule a free consultation.

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