Best Time To Get Roof Work Done In River Oaks, TX

August 6, 2021

When Is The Best Time To Get Roof Work Done In River Oaks, Texas?

Hint: The Season Doesn’t Matter

Many homeowners in River Oaks, Texas, believe that they know the best time to get a roof replaced. Some will say winter because the rates are lower (they aren’t), while others will firmly state that the fall is the best time because insect activity is lower.

Ask ten homeowners, and you’ll probably hear every answer but the right one… and summer. Summer is no one’s answer to that question, even though it’s the busiest time of the year for roofing contractors. 

So… what’s the “correct” answer? ALL OF THE ABOVE.

And here’s why…

The Best Time To Get Roof Work Done

The weather in River Oaks isn’t the deciding factor for when you should get your roof worked on. Summer can be crazy hot, but roofers excel in the heat. Fall and spring are pleasant enough, and roofers certainly prefer those months of mild weather over all the others, but you won’t find those seasons any easier on your wallet than the others.

Winter months can get cold, but that doesn’t slow down roofing contractors or their service requests. So, the idea that you can get a better deal when you do a roof replacement in the winter is pure myth.

The best time to get your roof repaired or replaced is … now. Right now. Whether it’s requesting your roof’s first inspection ever or you need it repaired or replaced, waiting for ‘the right time’ is a mistake.

If your roof is on your mind, there’s a reason, so the best time to act is now, especially when the first inspection is free!

Always Pay Attention To Your Roof

People tend to ignore their roofs until they notice a problem inside their homes. Only then do they walk outside and take a close look at their roof. Unfortunately, that is usually pretty far into the failure process since water must travel quite a distance before it becomes noticeable on your walls and ceilings.

For example, one of the worst roofing problems you can ever have is a slow leak. The damage a slow roof leak can do before you notice is extensive. This is why we recommend an annual roof inspection, to catch small problems before they become disasters.

Between formal inspections, you should always keep an eye out for visible problems from the ground. A quick tour around your house every month or so, especially after a storm, should keep things from getting out of hand. Any of the below observations should be addressed as soon as possible.

Lifted Or Curled Shingles

If you see lifted or curled tabs on your roof shingles, that is an indication that the watertight seal is failing. Water can get under those shingles and to the wood of your roof surface.

Missing Shingles

There’s no such thing as missing “just a few shingles” in roof repair. Either you have all your shingles, or you don’t. Missing even part of one shingle is a big problem for your roof, because that is an open invitation for water to get into your roof system. Plus, animals that won’t dig into shingles are more than happy to tear up some wood planking to make themselves a nice little shelter in your rafters.

Old Or Marred Shingles

worn shinglesThe shingles on your roof have a lifespan anywhere from 15 – 30 years, depending on their quality. As they age, the edges of your shingles will soften in appearance. If you can see this effect from the ground, your roof needs to be replaced.

Marred shingles will have bare spots where the granules were knocked off by hail and debris, or they will look mottled from blistering. Either one of these conditions decreases your shingle’s effectiveness in shedding water and heat. If the problem affects only a couple of shingles, you can probably get away with just a roof repair.

Bent Or Worn Flashing

red brick chimney with worn roof flashingFlashing is the material used to join the edges and sides of roof features with the rest of the roofing. You’ll find flashing on chimneys, roof vents, and any item mounted to your roof. Unfortunately, flashing can get damaged by debris or simply pull away if the sealant is worn or it was improperly installed to start.

If you notice flashing that is misshapen or looks pulled away, the danger of a roof leak is high. If you ignore it, you’ll end up with rotted boards beneath your shingles.

If the roof of your home in River Oaks, Texas is on your mind, contact us at Houston Roofing for a free inspection. We’ll give you a full report on your roof’s condition and discuss with you, in detail, any actions that we recommend you take.

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