Can You Replace A Roof In The Winter?

December 14, 2021

Can You Replace Your Roof In The Winter?

Most would think that it is impossible to replace their roof during the winter months, but they’d be wrong. Some roofing companies stay busy all year long, working in all kinds of weather. However, in the winter, they need to take precautions and pay close attention to the outside temperature. Most of their tasks can be done at any temperature, but laying shingles takes a little more care when the real cold hits.

Cold Weather Realities

Cold weather makes everything more complicated. Your car has a more challenging time starting, materials get brittle, and simply moving around becomes more dangerous due to ice and snow. All of this is true for the roofing industry as well.

Some companies shut down for the season because they either lack the experience or the manpower to compensate for the problems that come with working in the cold.

However, roofing companies that have been around for a while have found ways to work around these cold-weather realities and offer their services throughout the year.

Taking Their Time

The number one change from warm weather roofing to cold weather roofing is that experienced roofers slow down in the winter. They take their time and move carefully. This slower pace serves to keep them safe and protect the materials they are laying on your roof.

Extra Steps

Shingles become brittle in cold weather, and their self-sticking adhesive won’t activate without direct sunlight. Roofers compensate for this by storing the shingles in heated warehouses and hand sealing each shingle as they go. Some even consider this better than warm weather installations, which rely on the sun to activate the sealant on the shingles over a period of several days.

Watching The Weather

Replacing a roof in the winter takes more planning than in the rest of the year. Your roofer can do much of the work regardless of the temperature, but shingling is reserved for days when the temperature is above 40 degrees. You may need to be patient as your roofer waits for the weather to clear a bit before they can finish the job.

Reasons To Replace A Roof In The Winter

Winter can be hard on your roof. Waiting for Spring to replace it could be a major mistake.

Structural Failure

The tremendous weight of snow puts a strain on the entire roof system, and a compromised roof could fail under the stress long before Spring comes along.

Snowball Effect

A failing roof system can also create ice dams that could tear your roof apart at the edges if it is already in a weakened state and cause tens of thousands of dollars in damage to your home.

Fair Weather Failure

A roof in need of replacement could also allow leaks that would become a huge problem when the early spring rains hit. Waiting for better weather could well be a disastrous decision.

Potential Discounts

It’s common for roofing companies to offer better deals in the winter to help bring in business. A winter roof replacement could save you a lot of money.

Energy Costs

The heat loss from a failing roof system can be significant. The higher cost of keeping your home warm as heat flies out the top could be eliminated with a new roof, and those savings could go a long way toward paying for the installation.

Pick The Right Company

As we said, some roofing companies just stay home throughout the winter months, but not all who keep working are necessarily your best choice for a winter roof replacement. Check around about each available company and make sure they have reviews specifically for winter work.

Ensure that they are an established company with the manpower required to do the job safely and adequately. Never jump on the lowest bid unless you are confident in your ability to oversee the work being done on your home. More often than not, the lowest price comes at a high cost from cut corners and low-grade materials.

You should also read their work warranty before signing anything, checking for any loopholes or escape hatches built into the language. Some warranties, when read carefully, essentially cover very little. You don’t want to be replacing your roof again in 10 years.

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