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March 13, 2024

Check Out Our Hassle-Free Roofing Process

It Makes Your Roof Repairs A Snap!

When you want a quality roofer in the Greater Houston area, you have dozens of candidates to choose from. Why should you choose our services at Houston Roofing And Construction?

Because we guarantee a hassle-free experience.

We’re well known for smoothing out what could be a difficult process and making it painless, effortless, and uncomplicated.

When their commercial or residential roofing project is completed, many of our customers compliment us for our skill, attentiveness, and willingness to go beyond their expectations.

They tell us they expected delays, cost overruns, and other troublesome surprises, but what we provided were simplicity, satisfaction, and peace of mind.

How do we manage that?

By understanding our client’s pain points and concentrating on avoiding problems.

How Do We Polish Off Your Project So Painlessly?

How we can be so sure your project will go smoothly?

In part, it’s because we are guided by time-tested core values such as integrity and professionalism. We avoid problems by always following those guiding principles, which leads us to do the right thing and make wise decisions.

Furthermore, since we are laser-focused only on Houston-area projects, we don’t overextend ourselves by taking out-of-town work.

This makes us easy to reach, helps us keep you in the loop, and assures you that we’ll be around to attend to your needs well after the job is done. Since we are truly local, you will receive a personalized solution instead of a cookie-cutter one.

But those are only some of the reasons we can be sure our work is hassle-free. In truth, the most important reason is our investment in people, equipment, and quality assurance.

Only Blue Ribbon Roofers

We hire only the finest roofing professionals in the business. Our recruitment process takes weeks or months and involves multiple interview stages. Every candidate must pass a background check and bring skill and experience to their position.

This is only fitting for a roofing company that has achieved GAF Master Elite status, something only a small percentage of roofers can boast of. We can!

In addition, we also screen applicants for passion, a winning disposition, and a personality that fits within our company culture. They must exhibit traits that make them trainable so we can instill our values and methods in them.

We never use subcontractors since they might not meet our exacting standards. Instead, we are constantly on the lookout for talented recruits. We hire the cream of the crop directly and pay them what they are worth.

This not only limits turnover but also keeps our staff at peak productivity.

This is why they are so eager and helpful when you request something, ask questions, or provide input on your project.

Indispensable Technologies

We are also constantly investing in new technologies that improve client communication and minimize human errors.

For instance, our management software lets us send you an electronic proposal. With a single click, you can access all the quote information in writing, such as the project scope, the quoted price, and other important details.

The software lets you launch your project quickly and easily by signing the proposal electronically. Then, as the project continues, we add additional documentation, such as an electronic warranty, to the folder.

You can access all documents electronically for years.

You’ll always have the peace of mind that comes with knowing your contract information is handy. At any time, you can learn exactly what protection you have and what to expect if you ever make a warranty claim.

Exhaustive Quality Controls

We maintain four levels of quality assurance so we don’t miss any details of your project. This level of care is what you should expect from a roofer who’s voluntarily licensed by RCAT, even though the state doesn’t require licensing by law.

First, the project manager guides your job from beginning to end to ensure everything proceeds as the contract states. Since we concentrate on a single service area, we never have to shift managers around, as some roofers do.

So, you will deal with the same familiar team and manager from start to finish.

Second, our office coordinator regularly contacts you with important dates and information. She ensures the project starts and ends on time and that you are up-to-date at every stage.

Third, your roofing crew foreman makes sure that the installation proceeds quickly and without a hitch. We select our foremen for their communication skills, attention to detail, and roofing expertise.

Nothing gets past them, so the outcome of your roof repair job is top-notch.

Finally, our owner stays involved throughout the project, bringing her expertise to your job, improving our methods and processes, and acting as a resource for homeowners.

So, if you have a roofing issue and want to work with a roofing company that guarantees hassle-free service, contact us at Houston Roofing And Construction to schedule a free roof inspection.

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