Common Causes Of Roof Leaks In Houston

February 4, 2020

Common Causes Of Roof Leaks In Houston


Clogged or damaged gutters can cause roof or fascia leaks. If gutters remain clogged for too long they can allow water to back up into the roof and/or fascia of the house. This water may eventually collect in the soffit or attic space. This will cause damage slowly, and will not show signs until it is too late. Your gutters could even get so full that the weight pulls the gutters away from the house. This separation allows water to run into the exposed nail hole and into the structure of the house. If you suspect there is a problem with your gutter system, contact us for a free inspection.

Missing Or Broken Shingles

Another common cause of roof leaks is missing or broken shingles. A simple roof inspection should provide evidence of this problem. GAF and The National Roofing Contractors Association both recommend an annual roof inspection from a reputable Houston roofing company. Houston Roofing and Construction provides free roof inspections and will document any issues with the shingles.

Damaged Flashing

Roof and wall flashings help keep a sealed barrier preventing from water entering your home through walls and penetrations. These leaks will appear on ceilings near plumbing fixtures and near large roof penetrations like chimneys. If you have even the smallest leak that you think might be coming from a cracked flashing, you need to contact us immediately for a free, no-obligation roof inspection.

Improperly Sealed Valleys

The valleys of your roof are the areas where two different planes or angles come together. There’s a seal where valleys connect to prevent water from penetrating the roof and if improperly installed there’s a high risk of a leak forming. Debris in the valley can cause a leak, too. If you see pine needles or leaves collecting on the roof, it’s probably time to contact us to perform a free roof inspection.

These common roof problems should be repaired by a professional roofing company. Houston Roofing and Construction has successfully repaired hundreds of roof leaks in the Greater Houston area. If you notice any issues with your roof that may be causing leaks, contact us for your free, no-obligation roof inspection and quote today.

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