Do Roofing Companies Replace Fascia?

October 22, 2021

Everything You Need To Know About Fascia

If you’ve heard of the term “fascia”, that’s probably because you needed to hunt for the right company to repair or replace yours. If you haven’t heard of the term, you’re probably in the majority. Most Houston homeowners don’t know what to call this little bit of roof, because they don’t need to refer to it ever. Here’s a quick guide to give you the rundown on fascia and give you some direction for what to do if you need to replace it.

What Is Fascia & Why Do Roofs Need It?

A Latin derivative, the word ‘fascia’ directly translates into “band of connective tissue”. It’s easy to understand how ‘fascia’ came to be used to refer to the strip of material under a roof’s edge. That strip of material may seem minor in relation to your entire roof — and the rest of your home — but it plays a pretty important role in the scheme of things.

Like a tiny cog in a large system, your fascia mainly goes unnoticed, unless there’s a problem with it. Here’s why fascia is a necessary element of your roofing system.

Secure Gutters

The fascia on your roof literally holds your gutters in place. Since the gutters are the primary component of your roof’s drainage system, the fascia plays a big role in keeping your roof’s drainage working efficiently.

Keep Out Water (& Pests)

Aside from supporting your gutters, fascia also serves as a barrier between your roof — and everything else. It staves off water, weather damage, and prevents pests like birds, bats, and curious squirrels from cozying up to your roof.


Part of the reason some houses have greater curb appeal is because the fascia is higher quality. You may not be able to pinpoint it right away, but a house will appear sharper and more elegant because of its seamless roof edge.

Fascia Replacement

Sometimes it’s necessary to completely replace your home’s fascia. Fascia damage usually occurs because of one of two reasons: Either your fascia is very old and has started to decay, or your gutters are problematic and your fascia was exposed to water and debris — causing it to rot.

When To Replace Your Fascia

It can be tough to know whether your fascia needs to be replaced. Look out for these telltale signs that your fascia is in distress:

  • Pests: If you see droppings from animals, or other clues that small rodents have snuck into your roof — that may point to an issue with your fascia .
  • Condensation: Moisture is never a good thing. Your fascia is supposed to keep water at bay. If you see any kind of wetness — damaged fascia might be the culprit.
  • Rotted wood: Sometimes you can see areas of wood that are darkened and have holes in them, signifying rot. If your fascia is starting to rot, you’ll want to replace it as soon as possible before the rot spreads.

Who To Call

Since it’s part of your roof, your fascia falls under the purview of your roofing company. When you hire a roofing company to repair or replace your roof, a competent roofer will make sure to inspect your fascia before beginning your roof replacement project — even if you didn’t pinpoint that as an issue. This is because if your fascia is damaged, then your roof will be problematic.

Depending on the damage to your fascia, your roofing company will repair it themselves or refer you to a home improvement company for more extensive repairs.

We Cover All Our Bases

When you contact Houston Roofing and Construction for a roof inspection — we check off every single box. This means that we inspect your fascia to see if it needs replacing. We’re trained to notice the symptoms of aging and/or decaying fascia. If you think the roof on your Houston area home needs to be replaced, or you want your fascia to be inspected, contact us today!

We’re happy to answer all your questions and our inspections are free of charge.

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