Do You Have Trust Issues With Houston Roofer Salespeople?

April 28, 2023

Does Your Houston Area Roofing Salesperson
Leave You Feeling Like You Need A Bath?

Our Project Managers Always Leave You
Feeling Refreshed And Informed

Remember those sleazy used car salesmen from the 1980s? Well, guess what? Sleazy Houston salespeople still exist and are going strong, especially in the roofing industry. We’ve all heard the stereotypical sales pitches and empty promises.

“I just talked to my boss, and he says we can offer this once-in-a-lifetime deal only to you.” 

“I’m feeling generous today, so I’m throwing in a warranty, too.”

“If you sign with us, you’ll get 20% off – but ONLY today.”

Cue eye roll.

You’ll never have to suffer through those laughable, outdated sales pitches when you work with Houston Roofing & Construction. We don’t need them. From our experience, we know those cheesy lines don’t work and are just plain unethical.

Instead, we rely on facts and honesty because our customers deserve that. If you’re going to invest in your roof, you need to work with a company you trust! No pressure – no problem!

Don’t Trust Someone Willing
To Break The Law!

Though breaking the law might sound extreme when it comes to roofing, it happens all the time!

How so?

Whenever insurance is involved with property damage, such as roof damage, most policyholders must pay a deductible to receive their full benefits. However, some roofing companies offer to “bury the deductible” to get your service. 

Sure, sounds great, right?


Burying an insurance deductible is not only illegal, but it puts that roofing company’s integrity into question…big time. How could you possibly trust a company willing to break the law?

After all, if they’re willing to break the law by telling you this on your front porch, you can bet they’ll break the law standing on your roof, too! By cutting the cost of your roof for you, they are likely to make up for it by cutting corners of the actual roof. 

We would never put you or our own business in this situation. It’s illegal, bad manners, and unsettling. Instead, we work within the boundaries of the law and within our core values to ensure you get the best possible service and experience!

Our Consultants Don’t Work
Off Commission

When employees at any job have to rely on banking the sale in order to put food on the dinner table, they can get understandably desperate. Who wants to feel pressured by someone who relies on your business to eat?

We sure don’t – and we hope you don’t either!

Many other roofing companies hire 1099 contractors to make their sales, which forces their contractors to focus on one main objective – MAKING THE SALE. They don’t sit down with you to learn about your needs and certainly don’t have your interest in mind.

However, at Houston Roofing, our Project Managers are W-2 employees, which means their primary incentive is NOT making the sale at any cost – it’s to learn about you and listen to your wants and needs. 

Only after we spend that precious time getting to know you do we recommend what we think is best for you. Sometimes that’s a full replacement, and sometimes that’s only a repair

Isn’t it refreshing to know a roofing company with your best interest at heart is listening?

Our Project Managers Are Honest –
Sometimes To A Fault

We know what you’re thinking – how can honesty ever be a bad thing? We’re not saying it is, but when a company is completely honest, sometimes that comes at the expense of a bigger sale. 

Because most roofing contractors don’t even attempt to know their customers’ needs, they immediately push for the biggest sale – a full roof replacement. They may recommend a replacement even before getting up on your roof to inspect it! They may also recommend you file an insurance claim with full knowledge that there isn’t enough damage to warrant a claim.

We would only assume such a drastic measure is needed once we saw and inspected it ourselves. Our guys take the time to get up on your roof during your consultation to assess the damage themselves. 

We feel right about making our recommendations only after we’ve inspected the issue. And like we said, sometimes that means recommending something that makes us less money

If you only need a repair, we tell you! And if you need a full replacement, you can trust we’re giving you our honest opinion.  

You Can Bet Houston Roofing Has Your
Best Interest At Heart

At Houston Roofing and Construction, we’ve made our sales process as transparent and honest as possible.

It may sound strange to hear that a roofing company cares just as much about your roof and home as you do, but it’s true. When you work with us, letting your guard down and feeling safe knowing you’re in good hands is easy.

From our honest assessments to our good intentions, we give you the roof and customer experience you deserve. 

Are you in need of a roof replacement or roof repair in Houston? When you’re ready to work with honest Project Managers instead of sketchy salespeople, contact Houston Roofing & Construction today for a free roof inspection and estimate.

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