Don’t Let Your Buying Power Evaporate From The Effects Of Runaway Inflation

June 20, 2022

Saving Towards Tomorrow Will Cost You Hundreds
More Than Financing A New Roof TODAY

Let’s face it — in this age of crazy inflation, what you pay today may only make a dent in what you’ll have to pay six months from now. And when you’re talking about a large project like replacing a roof, the difference can be hundreds of dollars – or more.

Add to that the cost of additional damage from putting off replacing a leaky roof, and waiting just doesn’t make sense anymore – if it ever did.

Weakened Buying Power Can Happen Fast!

While every roof is different, every Houstonian is in the same financial boat in these uncertain times.

Think back to what $100 in groceries looked like just two years (or even six months) ago and compare it to the few bags of groceries a hundred bucks will get you today – it’s not even close!

What you could afford to spend just a short time ago doesn’t even come close to satisfying the same needs today.

That’s shrinking buying power in action – and it will keep getting worse long before it gets better.

Suddenly, Commodities Are A Daily Worry

Until recently, commodities fluctuated daily but remained in a certain range that would slowly rise year to year.

Until recently, the only people who cared about commodity prices drove Bentley’s – but now, everyone is watching them closely.

Almost all roofs are made of wood, asphalt, plastic, and steel, or in other words, commodities.

Consider all the news you keep hearing about spiking lumber, oil, and steel prices. What do you think that’s doing to the price of a replacement roof?

Exactly – to the moon!

While we always offer fair value for a superior product, we can’t simply ignore our rising expenses.

And now, material prices can leap virtually overnight and turn a fair profit into a serious loss in the blink of an eye.

With everything moving in one direction (up) in a hurry, there are few options available for beating the trend besides acting right now.

Act Today To Save On Tomorrow

Based on the above, there is only one way to get the best value for your money.

If you must spend it – spend it now.

And if you must spend it now – go with a roofer you can trust.

We’ll never sell you a roof you don’t need. And if you do need a new roof, we offer the most bang for your beleaguered buck.

While our prices must follow the times, our dedication to craftsmanship and value will always be old-school.

There’s No Going Back

Next week, you may have to spend more to get the same thing you bought today. And six months from now, you may not be able to afford it at all.

The one thing folks tend to forget is that inflation is a constant – it usually moves slowly.

Right now, inflation is nearly out of control, and when we finally manage to slow it down, it won’t reverse. EVER.

So that new roof you need will never be less expensive than it is today. And because things are so crazy right now, financing your new roof today will save you money over paying cash six months from now.

Financing Is Now More Certain Than Gold!

If you plan to save up until you have the cash needed to replace your roof, the cost may remain out of reach forever.

With the current trends, your buying power will fall as prices rise, and you’ll never be able to put away enough money to reach your goal.

We have an alternative that works and protects you, as well – zero or low-interest financing.

You see, there are financing interest rates that can’t hold a candle to the inflation rate.

This means that financing a large project like a replacement roof will protect the buying power of your money – and do so more surely even than buying gold.

While gold can bounce up and down, the value of a new roof never changes, especially with the incredible warranties we offer.

And while skipping a gold purchase won’t affect your life, letting a failed roof stay in place can end up costing you thousands in structural damage on top of the added expense of tomorrow’s prices.

If you live in the Houston area and want not just a new roof but the best value you’ll ever get for your money, call us at Houston Roofing and Construction to discuss your financing options today!

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