Don’t Take Chances – Work With A+ Roofers

April 13, 2024

Don’t Take Chances – Work With A+ Roofers!
We’ve Earned The PERFECT BBB Rating

The Better Business Bureau Loves Us For
Rocking Our Roofing Customers’ Worlds

When you are in the market for an exceptional roofing contractor in Greater Houston, you’ll find the area offers a huge selection. How can you narrow down your choices to only the best?

Look for signs that they are ethical, open, and responsive to customers. A good way to do that is to check out ratings from the Better Business Bureau (BBB).

The BBB is an independent nonprofit organization that reviews and rates the performance of businesses, charities, and brands. Founded in 1912, it helps consumers choose which sellers to trust in different marketplaces. It sets standards, monitors compliance, and provides consumer services.

Houston Roofing maintains an A+ rating, the highest rating the BBB awards. How do we do that?

We Meet All BBB Criteria With Flying Colors

The BBB uses publicly available data to judge a business’s trustworthiness and responsiveness to customers. It also fields complaints about businesses from dissatisfied customers. The fewer complaints a roofing business has and the more responsive it is to customers, the higher its rating.

Our A+ rating is the highest possible, while an F rating is the lowest – just like in school.

So, what are some of the factors the Bureau looks at, and how did we score so high?

1. Complaint History

The BBB examines a roofing contractor’s complaint history to determine the following:

  • Are there a lot of complaints?
  • How does the number compare to other businesses?
  • How many of the complaints filed are as yet unresolved?
  • How responsive is the company to customers when they complain?

At Houston Roofing, our work rarely if ever results in a complaint to the BBB. We are very careful not to let misunderstandings get that far. We keep clients in the loop, encourage constant communication, and request feedback from customers to ensure we’ve satisfied them.

On the rare occasion that a complaint is filed, we respond immediately. We never pass blame but instead take responsibility and fix the problem.

End of story.

2. Truth In Advertising

The BBB evaluates a roofing company’s trustworthiness in part through the truthfulness of its advertising.

At Houston Roofing, we never make false, misleading, or deceptive claims in our advertisements. The truth is…we don’t have to.

We adhere to four core values that always keep us out of trouble:

  • Integrity
  • Education
  • Accountability
  • Professionalism

These time-tested principles guide every customer interaction, sales consultation, and advertisement we’re involved with.

They prevent us from ever being false, deceptive, or misleading – not in advertising, not in person, and not over the phone.

You can always trust what we say, whether during a roof assessment or a project update.

3. Upholding BBB Standards

To earn and maintain a high rating, the BBB insists that businesses uphold Bureau standards of honesty, transparency, and responsiveness – year after year. If we failed to do so, our rating would drop.

For example, a government action for illegal activity would cause our rating to plummet. So would a sudden rash of unaddressed complaints or a failure to provide all the important information about our products, ownership, and our local physical address.

Because of our A+ rating, you know we are a legitimate business that’s passed all local and state requirements and has responded effectively to any customer issues.

4. Licensing And Accreditations

The BBB makes sure businesses adhere to all licensing regulations.

Although most states require roofing contractors to be licensed to ensure they meet all safety, background, and training minimums, our state does not. We feel this is a mistake because anybody can call themselves a roofer and start charging homeowners.

To distinguish ourselves from this type of unproven roofing company, we are licensed by RCAT. The Roofing Contractors Association of Texas is a trade association devoted to promoting ethics and education and boosting the image of the state’s roofing industry.

We have also become GAF Master Elite certified, GAF Materials Corporation’s top certification. We’ve even won the company’s highest award – the President’s Club Award, which puts us among the top 1% or 2% of roofing contractors in the nation.

So, if you’d like to work with an A+ roofing contractor, contact us at Houston Roofing to schedule a free roof inspection.

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