Even The Best Roofers Check Their Work

November 29, 2022

At Houston Roofing, We Verify Every Step On Every
Project Because We Know The Unhappy Truth

Without Proper Oversight, Every Roofing Project
Risks Being Just One Mistake From Failure

Let’s face it – the chance of you or any homeowner noticing a missed detail as your new roof is going up is pretty small. Without a pair of binoculars and years of roofing experience, even large errors can go unnoticed from the ground.

Unfortunately, this reality leaves Houstonians no choice but to trust the word of their contractor that everything is going great.

But here’s the secret – good roofers never rely on trust. Even with their most experienced crews, they demand proof that each step has been handled properly and every small detail is exactly right.


Because mistakes happen. In the way that even the best quarterbacks can throw a pick-six, top roofing installers can miss their mark, too.

The solution is proper (meaning consistent) oversight of each and every roofing project.

Excellence Isn’t Accidental – It’s A Process 

The few roofers who have earned the right to call themselves Master Elite contractors didn’t get there because they never make mistakes. They got there because they were constantly verifying their work and catching errors before they turned into real problems.

Only 2% of roofing contractors in the nation manage to earn the Master Elite status, and you can bet every one of them has a detailed oversight process they never skip.

With Houston Roofing & Construction, our oversight system has taken us even further as GAFs President’s Club members. That puts us among the top of the Master Elite Contractors, which is the highest bar there is in the roofing industry.

And we got there through constant improvement driven by what we’ve found through the inspection process. To us, once may be an error, but twice is a trend. And we use our weekly meetings and training sessions to ensure those trends die on the vine.

But without oversight, we’d never even know there was something to fix.

Small Details = Large Impacts

Roofs exist for one reason – to keep water out of your home. Water, however, is tenacious and will take any opportunity to flow into your home’s structural elements.

And when we say “any,” we mean it.

Consider the humble drip edge. Its job is to ensure water makes it into your gutters and doesn’t have the opportunity to seep under your shingles and onto your roof decking. But there’s a tendency in the roofing industry to reuse the old drip edge or to leave it off entirely rather than replace it with new material.

At Houston Roofing & Construction, we always replace the drip edge. After years of abuse from the Houston weather, used drip edges simply can’t be trusted.

Another item of concern is the ice and water shield. This self-sticking material comes in many levels of quality. So, a casual inspection may miss the fact that the ice and water shield is of low quality, improperly installed, or even missing.

But on our jobs, we verify that each material used on your new roof meets our strict guidelines for quality and that the right amount is installed the right way.

Most Mistakes Are Simple – Unless
They Get Covered Up

There are a number of simple errors that can be easily fixed if you have someone checking the work.

  • Decking cut too wide around vent pipes
  • Insufficient ice and water shield
  • A poorly placed nail (yes, just one nail)
  • Sloppy or re-used flashing
  • Rotted or soft decking

Any one of those issues can cause a roof leak down the road and, worse yet, you won’t notice until the damage has made it to your ceiling or walls. And at that point, you’re looking at structural damage.

So, we never move to the next roofing layer until the last one has been thoroughly inspected. While we’d never reuse flashing material or allow cheap alternatives to our high-quality products, errant nails and less-than-perfect cuts can occasionally slip by even the best installers.

Our multidimensional oversight system ensures that no mistake, no matter how minor, is allowed to remain and affect the installation stage.

At Houston Roofing, Oversight Doesn’t
End With The Installation

Once your new roof has cleared the final hurdle by passing a final walkthrough by our project manager, you may think that’s the end of the process – but you’d be wrong.

During its first year, your roof will experience all the weather extreme Houston has to offer, and those extremes cause movement at every level of your roof system. Hot days, cold nights, and heavy storms put every roof to the test, especially those that have been recently installed.

While most roofing contractors live by the “no complaints = no problems” method of quality assurance, Houston Roofing & Construction likes to be certain.

So, one year after your roof is installed, your project manager will come back to see how well your roof handled 12 months of nature’s abuse. This helps to ensure they didn’t miss anything, and if they find an issue, they make arrangements to get it solved.

This free one-year inspection is our way of verifying the quality of our installation and the quality of our materials and products. It also gives us a chance to spot and fix problems before they become real trouble.

At Houston Roofing & Construction, we truly care about our work and take the extra steps necessary to ensure your new roof will give you decades of trouble-free performance.

If you need a new roof for your Houston home or business and want it installed by a company that verifies every single step is exactly right, contact us at Houston Roofing & Construction for a free estimate.

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