Find out why I felt completely comfortable sending our workers into my mother’s home

August 3, 2021

And How Sophisticated Roofing Equipment Was Outdone By A Homemade Pie

What’s the ultimate litmus test of someone’s character?

If your mother approves of them, of course.

So, when my mother needed her roof replaced, we knew that the day of reckoning had come. But I was calm and worry-free because I was 100% confident that my mother wouldn’t catch even a whiff of something distasteful.

And I was right.

At Houston Roofing we can vouch for every single one of our employees because we handpicked every one of them.

We make sure that everyone we hire has values that match our own. That’s how I was able to feel totally at ease about sending our workers into my mother’s home.

Core Values In Action

Core values are nice and smooth-sounding…and too often, very theoretical. But NOT at Houston Roofing.

Here is the very real breakdown of how our values played out when our workers replaced my mother’s roof:

Integrity First

Our workers looked at the damage on my mother’s roof and made a completely objective assessment about whether it could be salvaged or it needed to be replaced.

Accountable To A Higher Standard

Our workers don’t leave things to chance, or to other people to figure out – especially when it comes to littering someone’s lawn. In my mother’s case, she has a very narrow lot line, so an adjacent neighbor’s yard also needed to be considered. Our workers took extra care to make sure all debris was caught, so we wouldn’t damage any landscaping. They set up a barrier along the roof line on my mother’s roof to catch as much debris as possible before it reached the ground.

Education Matters

When they were working on my mother’s roof, I was completely confident that our workers knew what they were doing and they would know how to deal with any hiccups along the way because they were highly trained. We make sure that every single one of our employees is fully up to speed on everything they need to know.

Professionalism Is Mandatory

“Please ma’am” and “thank you ma’am” may not seem like much, but it’s the underlying attitude that makes a big difference. Our employees have respect for every customer that we work with, and it shows every time they speak and interact with a customer.

When they worked on my mother’s roof, our workers spoke to her like the intelligent, caring woman she is – not like a faceless customer, or worse – a roof.

And they didn’t do that because she was the boss’s mother.

That’s how they interact with every single customer.

Read more about our core values.

New Company Policy – Give The Neighbors A Homemade Pie

Just kidding – mostly!

When our workers were replacing my mother’s roof she baked a pie and sent it next door as a ‘thank you for putting up with construction’ gesture.

Our workers sat down with the neighbor before beginning construction and broke it down step by step.

They installed a temporary system that took time and effort to build, just to make sure that there was no debris littering the lawn.

They took care to account for stray screws and nails and plastic wrapping while they worked on the roof.

But it was the pie that really paved the way for a pleasant roofing experience on all ends.

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