Four Signs You Need A Roof Replacement

January 7, 2022

Four Signs You Need A Roof Replacement

It can be difficult to know if you need a roof replacement, but sometimes it can be an overnight storm that causes damage and you need to get in touch with a residential roofing company right away. Houston Roofers specializes in roof replacement and our roofing contractors are available to not only assess your roof, but we also let you know whether you need a repair or a replacement. We have extensive experience with many types of roofs, both residential and commercial, in the Houston area and are well-respected in the community for our work with our amazing clientele. So, here are five tell-tale signs that you need a roof replacement.

Leaks, Water Damage & Water Spots on the Ceiling

This is an important sign that there is something really damaging going on with your roof. Now, it could have happened overnight, or leaks and damage could have happened throughout time and you may not have been aware that anything was amiss. When this happens, the damage can be extensive. It’s not only the roof. The problem can extend into your entire home, damaging all of your personal belongings. But most importantly, your safety. If you are seeing leaks and damage, you absolutely want to give us a call for a free estimate for a roof replacement.

Past Repairs to Remedy Existing Issues

Are you finding yourself calling roofing repair companies consistently year after year for an area of your roof that never seems to be fixed? If this is happening, this is definitely a sign that a simple repair annually is not enough and there can be extensive damage happening that has never been appropriately inspected. Many homeowners will attempt to fix certain damage themselves and we see this a lot when someone is purchasing a new home.

The previous homeowner has attempted to fix the damage themselves before moving out and suddenly there is a late night rainstorm and water everywhere. It happens frequently. So, if you see an issue happening time and time again and continuously repair it, it may be time for a roof replacement.

Are Your Utility Bills Skyrocketing?

Yes, we all know that our utility bills will go up and down at certain times of the year, but what if they are consistently high? You know your home is insulated and the foundation is sound, so why are your bills going up and staying there? It could be your roof. Any little crack and crevice or missing tile is an area for water, air and even pests to enter. Heat can easily be escaping out and the same goes for air conditioning, so your utility bills continuously are high. After careful inspection, you have realized it could be your roof. This is a good time to figure out if you will need a roof replacement.

Sags, Curling Shingles, Moss & Mold

We have seen it all here at Houston Roofing. If your roof visibility is starting to sag and you notice this when you are pulling up into your driveway, this is a huge indicator that your roof needs to be replaced. In fact, we would suggest calling us right away if you have noticed this. Other indicators are shingles that have started to curl and believe it or not, moss and mold does grow on roofs. Why? Because there is a moisture issue going on and a possible leak or even worse underneath the flashing or exterior. This is a perfect situation for the need for roof replacement.

What Makes Houston Roofing Different

Houston Roofing will help you through selecting the best roof for your home. We will look at the architectural style of your home, the conditions outside, such as weather patterns that can be affecting your home, and also provide you with an estimate as well. If you are considering roof replacement because of an issue such as a leak or extreme damage, we will be able to give you an estimate and a timeframe of when the work can be accomplished. Our reputation here at Houston Roofing is well-known and it’s because we truly care about our neighbors here in Houston and want them to be taken care of. Our community is important to us and this is why we want to serve you the best we can.

Ready to find out more about replacing your roof? If you’re in or directly around the Houston, TX area, feel free to contact us with any concerns or questions you may have and we will be happy to walk you through the entire process from start to finish.

Take a look at our roofing gallery to find some beautiful choices for your new roof and learn how we can help to install your roof and schedule your free inspection. This is a wonderful time to replace your roof and make sure that you and your family are safe and secure. We are looking forward to hearing from you soon!

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