From A Top 3% Roofer To The Best of The Best In Roofing

February 1, 2023

Becoming A Top-3%-In-The-Nation
GAF Master Elite Roofer Is Tough

But Winning The GAF President’s
Club Award Is Herculean

GAF – General Aniline & Film.

They’re the authority on residential roofing materials in the United States. Naturally, they’re also the roofing materials manufacturer Houston contractors trust the most when providing superior residential roofing to their customers.

However, while many roofers may boast about installing GAF, trying to steal some of their thunder, the real question is… do these roofers install GAF products with unparalleled precision?

To answer that question… it’s best to let GAF decide.

GAF knows they provide the best roofing systems and asphalt shingle lines on the market today. But in the end, it’s all for naught if the roofers who install their products do so without extreme attention to detail and exceptional, ethical customer service.

And GAF doesn’t give out their trust easily.

Their certifications, programs, warranties, and awards are known industry-wide as an accurate marker of quality-driven, excellent, and honest roofers nationwide.

And here at Houston Roofing and Construction, we have earned our way to the top of the GAF ladder.

And here’s what it means when you choose to work with us.

It All Starts With The Top 3% Of Roofers

Many roofing companies in the Houston area may give the impression they’re dependable by using flashy language – but these are only words, not proof of their true roofing capabilities.

That’s where GAF’s Master Elite Certification comes in to save the day, weeding out the showboating roofers from the sincere roofers. After all, GAF personally backs every Golden Pledge roof, so they can’t allow just anyone to install those replacement roofs.

GAF thoroughly inspects and reinspects yearly the following criteria for their Golden Pledge contractors:

  • Verifying that the roofer has been in business for at least seven years, with a minimum of one year in their certified program.
  • Conducting deep inspections of completed roofing projects, sometimes at random and unannounced.
  • Evaluating the roofer’s ethics and business practices.
  • Reviewing for outstanding customer service through customer surveys.
  • Checking for good credit, a clean banking record, and a positive BBB rating.

You can imagine how only 3% of Houston roofers would be left. Especially in Texas, where an official roofing license isn’t mandatory by state law (a fact that still shocks us to this day).

But even with being in the top 3% – we STILL weren’t satisfied. So we took our status with GAF to an even higher level.

How We Won, And Keep Winning
The “Gold Glove” Of Roofing

If you’re a baseball fan, you might be familiar with the “Gold Glove” award. In short, it’s a yearly award given to players in the MLB who exhibited superior individual fielding performances for that season.

The Gold Glove is for the players who stand out even further as the best of the best in the Major Leagues.

And while some Houston area roofers may be in the Big Leagues with us as a GAF Master Elite Certified roofer – very few (if any) have earned this next distinction.

The GAF President’s Club Award.

The highest distinction, as said by GAF:

“The GAF President’s Club recognizes roofing contractors who are dedicated to delivering to their customer’s premier service and reliability. These awards shine a spotlight on the best of the best in the industry, and we could not be more proud of this year’s winners.”
– Jim Schnepper, Former GAF CEO and President.

This distinction further cements Houston Roofing and Construction as one of the most, if not THE most, reliable and premier roofers in the entire Houston Metropolitan area.

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