GAF’s “Dummy-Proofed” Shingles Makes For Easy Installations

August 28, 2023

GAF’s Shingles Plus Houston Roofing &
Construction Installation Equals
Total Piece Of Mind

With The Perfect Roofing Technology Combo, Your
Houston Shingles Stay In Place…No Matter What

We all know GAF is North America’s #1 roofing manufacturer.  In fact, GAF is the creator of the modern asphalt shingle that is installed in every market in the United States. We all know more homes and businesses, including in Houston, use GAF products more than any other roofing product. And we all know their Timberline HDZ line is America’s #1 selling shingle.

But what you might not know is how they’re able to boast these brag-worthy statistics. And with GAF’s products and our expert installation, we can provide our community with a total piece of mind roofing solution.

There are a variety of factors, but one way is through their perfect trio of advanced shingle technology:

  • LayerLock
  • DuraGrip
  • StrikeZone

Though these three vital innovations might sound like the names of new water slides at Six Flags Hurricane Harbor, they form the perfect combination of total wind-resistant, budge-free shingles.

Let’s take a closer look at how they work together to bring you exceptional results and full peace of mind.


GAF - Shingles - Houston Roofing

GAF’s LayerLock Technology

Some homeowners might not know the logistics, but when roofers install your new roof, they lay down the new shingles in layered lines. This way, your roof stays protected against water penetration and nothing seeps through.

However, the standard shingle might have an adhesive to help us align the layers correctly, but not one that helps it truly bind with the layer beneath. And this is bad news because it leaves room for mistakes.

On the other hand, GAF’s LayerLock technology eliminates the margin of error by mechanically fusing the common bond between layers of shingles. This locks your shingles in place and virtually removes the potential for wind damage.

Pretty cool, huh?

StrikeZone Is The Industry’s Widest Nailing Area

It might be hard (or easy) to believe, but inattentive roofers can improperly nail your shingles during installation – the nailing area is too small, shingles shift around without proper adhesive, or roofers aren’t paying attention.

This is a big reason why it’s important to hire the best of the best (*cough cough – us), but it also goes to show how standard shingles with smaller nailing areas make for risky installations.

To combat this issue, GAF created the StrikeZone, which is the largest nailing area in the roofing industry. Its wide, smooth, micro-granule surface, and ample space make it virtually impossible for a roofer to nail in the wrong area.

And we’re not just saying that – GAF’s StrikeZone has a 99.9% accuracy rate

DuraGrip So Your Shingles Don’t Slip

Remember when we said the standard shingle has an adhesive to help align the layers correctly? Well, so does GAF’s shingles, but their adhesive is much stronger and more effective than just any ole’ shingle you’d find at the big-box store.

GAF uses DuraGrip technology, which pairs with the StrikeZone area for fast and effective nailing.

As your new GAF shingles settle, their asphalt-to-asphalt monolithic bond cures in place to keep your new shingles durable, strong, and like the wind-resistant fighters they’re meant to be.

Experience Long-Lasting GAF Shingles
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Now that we’ve revealed our recipe for providing our community with a total piece of mind installation, it’s time for you to experience the benefits of Houston Roofing & Construction’s exceptional roofing solutions. When you choose LayerLock shingles, you get one of the best guarantees in the industry: infinite wind speed protection. 

So when you’re ready to discover the most dependable, durable, and longest-lasting shingles in the country from a GAF-certified Houston roofer, we’re ready to help you. Call Houston Roofing & Construction today for a free roofing estimate!

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