How Much Does it Cost to Fix a Roof

August 7, 2020

How Much Does it Cost to Fix a Roof

Our homes are arguably the most valuable assets we will own in our lifetime.  And since the roof system protects the entire house, the roofing system is probably the most important system for our homes.  While we certainly do not give much thought to our roof systems, when the time comes to repair or replace your roof you will want to be prepared for the process.

So how much should I plan on spending on a new roof?  How much is a simple repair?  What can I do today to cut those costs long term?

Roof Replacement

A roof replacement is a large construction project.  It is important to understand the choices that you have available to you in both materials and installation companies.  Over the past 12 years, the average roof replacement cost has been roughly $14,000.  There are many factors that go into that average including materials, roof pitch, roof height, and of course, the total square footage of the area to be roofed.  An educated guess based on a single layer of architectural dimensional shingles for a complete roof replacement is about $2.75 per square foot.  Again, there will be many factors involved that can move that number higher AND lower.

In a State like Texas where there is not a licensing program for roofing contractors, choosing the right contractor is more important than the price you pay for the roof.  Look for the following credentials:

  • Factory certified installers, preferably a top-tier certification like GAF MASTER ELITE
  • Local BBB rating and no unresolved complaints
  • General liability and worker’s compensation insurance coverage
  • Verifiable references/online reviews
  • Brick and mortar office

Keep in mind – WHO is working on your home can dictate the overall outcome of the project.

Roof Repair

Roof replacement is not always necessary even if the roof system has some deficiencies and even leaks.  There are many factors that can cause a roof to BEGIN to fail well before it actually fails completely.  The initial failure is rarely the shingles themselves.  Instead, the accessory items tend to fail first, i.e.:

  • Plumbing vent and HVAC vent base flashing sealant failure
  • Wall flashing failure
  • Chimney flashing failure
  • Valley material failure
  • Gitter, fascia, and soffit failure

A simple roof repair can cost hundreds of dollars, go up in price to thousands of dollars for a more complex repair.  An inspection can uncover the cause of the leak and a viable solution.  Regular maintenance can prevent the initial system failures and extend the life of the entire system.

Roof Maintenance

Who knew you needed to maintain a roof system?  Both GAF and the NRCA recommend regular roof system maintenance to extend the lifespan of the system, saving thousands of dollars over time.  Roof maintenance can include the following:

  • Replace missing and damaged shingles
  • Replace sealant on accessory base flashing
  • Inspect and repair all flashing elements
  • Clean gutters and remove debris from valleys
  • Remove tree limbs that are contacting the roof system

These simple steps will help the roof system age properly.  Houston Roofing & Construction provides these services and includes a one (1) year warranty with all the work they perform.

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