How Our Can-Do Attitude Saved This Customer’s Gutters

September 16, 2021

Your Gutter Problem Might Not Be Solved This Easily, But We’re Always Happy To Inspect Them For You

The phone call came in just as we were wrapping things up for the day — a customer’s gutters were on the blink.

Dustin, one of our top installers, went down to the customer’s home to take a look at their gutters.


Three tennis balls had taken up residence in the customer’s gutters, blocking water flow and causing a ruckus.

Happy to see that the problem was so easily solvable, Dustin promptly removed the tennis balls. Once they were clear of this obstruction — the gutters went right back to their efficient state.

We Care — And We Show You That We Care

Our customers know that we always have their backs. The issue can be a big one, or it can be a small matter of removing three tennis balls — no matter the problem, we’re here to help with your roof or gutters.

In our experience, it’s usually the small things that really show our customers how much we care about them. If you have a question about your gutters, or something isn’t working the way it should, we are here to help!

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