How To Spot Hail Damage On Your Roof

April 17, 2024

Don’t Let A Storm Ruin Your Greater Houston
Area Roof: Get Quality Hail Damage Repair

Learn How To Spot Hail Damage
On Your Roof Like A Pro

After a storm has passed, one of the first things that homeowners need to do is identify if they have hail damage on the roof of their Greater Houston Area home.

Identifying hail damage can be easier said than done. Unlike wind damage, which usually has obvious signs of missing or curled shingles, hail damage can be difficult to spot.

It usually presents itself as small dents that can be virtually undetected by the naked eye. This means that a closer look will usually need to be taken from your roof itself, which isn’t something we recommend homeowners do themselves.

If you suspect that your home may have suffered hail damage after a storm, the first thing you can do is complete an inspection from the ground. Look for signs of damage in the visible areas of your home, like your siding, windows, trim, and more.

If you notice small dents in your siding, cracks in your window, or dings on your garage door, then it is safe to assume that your home has been impacted by hail. This is also a sign that your roof may be impacted as well.

While it may be tempting to climb a ladder and check your roof yourself, we never recommend this. Climbing a roof can be dangerous, and homeowners typically don’t know the signs of hail damage to look for during an inspection.

Instead, call an expert like Houston Roofing to thoroughly inspect your roof. We know what to look for and can assess the full extent of the damage.

Here are some of the things that we look for to determine if your roof has been impacted by hail and requires roof repairs.

Dents Are The Most Common Sign That
You Have Hail Damage On Your Roof

Hail damage is usually caused by the strong impact it has on your roof’s shingles. This means that the most common sign that hail has caused damage is usually dents.

Dents can usually appear spread out sporadically along your roof and can be difficult to spot. Depending on the size of the hail, the dent can range from almost microscopic to a couple of inches.

It’s imperative to carefully inspect your roof to find all signs of damage. It’s also possible for dents to be found somewhere other than your roof shingles. There may be signs of damage on the vents, skylights, or even the chimney.

Even if a dent isn’t on the shingles themselves, it’s still important to address the issue. Dents in your vents or skylights can lead to problems with water damage, ventilation, and more.
A professional roofer will make note of the damage before offering the best solution.

The Protective Coating Of Your Roof
May Be Stripped Away By Hail

Most asphalt shingle roofs are protected by an exterior coating called granules. Granules are what provide the color for your roof, UV protection, and keep it safe from storms.

When a particularly strong hail storm comes to the Greater Houston Area, it may strip away your granules. This will leave your roof looking “bald” and usually change the color.

Granule loss can leave your roof unprotected from future storms and make your home particularly vulnerable to water damage. So, it’s important to address this issue quickly.

Hail Damage On Your Roof May Present
Itself As Cracked Shingles

Cracked shingles are perhaps the most obvious sign of hail damage after a storm. Older shingles are far more susceptible to cracking. So, if your roof is over a few decades old, it’s essential to get an inspection after a storm to ensure it isn’t severely damaged.

Cracked shingles can cause water damage both on your roof and within your home. They can worsen over time if they aren’t addressed. So, if your roofing contractor suggests repairs, do them as soon as possible.

Turn To Trusted Professionals
For Hail Damage Repairs

After a professional has carefully assessed your roof, they will present you with the results and address their solutions to fix the problems they found.

The next step for most homeowners is to turn to their insurance provider to submit a claim. While this process can be headache-inducing, Houston Roofing does everything we can to make it as stress-free as possible.

Our quality team will be there with you when the insurance appraiser arrives to give an accurate account of what we found and clarify what your roof needs.

Once your claim has been approved, we’ll begin the hail damage repair process. This may include replacing your shingles or completing a roof replacement. We only suggest the solution your home needs and never try to upsell you during the process.

When we’re done, you’ll have a roof you can trust to last for decades and stand up to anything.

Do you need quality hail damage repair services in the Greater Houston Area? Get in touch with Houston Roofing for your free quote today.

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