Is Your Roof Wind Damaged?

April 21, 2024

What To Do When You Think You Have
Wind Damage On Your TX Roof

Addressing Wind Damage: Signs
And Solutions For Homeowners

Homeowners may experience a sense of dread after a strong storm comes to the Greater Houston Area and ask themselves, “Is My Roof Wind Damaged?”

A particularly strong storm can damage any roof, whether it is young or old. So, it’s important to take the prospect of wind damage seriously, even if your roof is brand new.

Wind damage can lead to other issues like leaks, water damage, and more. Catching signs of damage quickly is the only way to ensure that the issue won’t worsen or cause further damage to your home.

While it may be tempting to climb on top of your roof to check for damage yourself, we always recommend turning to a professional like Houston Roofing to complete an inspection instead.

We have the proper equipment to inspect your roof safely and ensure that even the smallest issues are found. So, what do we look for when we inspect your roof for wind damage? Let’s talk about it.

Missing Shingles Are One Of The Most
Common Signs Of Wind Damage

Shingles may be ripped from your roof during a storm with strong wind. This is usually one of the easiest signs of damage for people to spot.

Most of the time, homeowners can see missing shingles from the ground. But, you may not be able to see the full extent of the damage by just looking up. That’s where the professional comes in.

We can look closer to determine the extent of your missing shingles. The experts at Houston Roofing will also take the time to ensure that your shingles are still securely attached to your roof.

Some shingles may not be completely blown away and could just be loose for now. If your shingles are loose, then they can easily get blown off the next time a strong wind hits. So, it’s important to address the issue before it’s too late.

If You Find A Leak In Your Home Than
The Roof May Have Wind Damage

After a storm, some homeowners may discover that new water stains have appeared on their ceilings or even on the walls of their homes.

New water stains are a sign that your roof has sprung a leak. Leaks most commonly occur after a roof has sustained wind damage. Sometimes, water can get through damaged flashing or spots where your shingles are missing.

If you notice a leak, act quickly. Start by placing a bucket under the impacted area and removing furniture or electronics near the leak. Then, call the professionals to assess the damage and offer the best solution for your home.

What To Do After You’ve Discovered
Wind Damage On Your TX Roof

Discovering that your roof has suffered wind damage can be stressful for any homeowner, but that doesn’t mean you have to address the issue alone.

The first step to addressing the problem is to find a professional roofer to take you through the steps. Choose a company with a solid reputation, honest team, and commitment to their customers.

A reputable roofing company, such as Houston Roofing, will carefully assess your roof and document the damage that has been found. This process requires immense attention to detail, as clear documentation of the problems is vital during the insurance claims process.

Once you’ve thoroughly documented the areas that need to be repaired or assessed the need for a replacement, it’s time to file an insurance claim.

You’ll never have to go through this stage alone when you work with Houston Roofing. Our quality insurance experts will be with you when the appraiser arrives and will help explain the damage, the necessary repairs, and the cost.

After completing a claim, we can schedule your roof repairs or a replacement. If your roof is missing a few shingles or shows minimal signs of damage, then we can typically address the problem by replacing the impacted shingles.

However, if the damage is more widespread and has caused damage to multiple areas of your roof, we may suggest a replacement.

Rest assured, Houston Roofing always offers the best solution for our homeowners.

If you need help addressing wind damage on your roof in the Greater Houston Area, reach out to the professionals at Houston Roofing for your free quote today.

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