It’s Harder To Become A Barber In Houston Than It Is To Become A Roofer – And It Shows

September 9, 2022

Training For Barbering Licenses? 300 Hours
Training For Roofing Licenses? Nada, Zip, Zero, Zilch!

You may be wondering why there is no training involved in getting a roofing license in Houston. The answer is as simple as it is frightening – Texas has no roofer license requirements. NONE. ZIP. ZERO. ZILCH.

While it takes 300 hours of formal classroom training to become a barber, all you need to do to call yourself a roofer is, well… call yourself a roofer.

The implication is that a bad haircut is a far more dire situation than having your home destroyed by a leaky roof.

Does that sound dangerous? Irresponsible? Insane?

To our mind, it’s all that and more.

It Used To Be Even Worse!

Until regulatory reforms were made in 2017, you also needed a license to be an APPRENTICE hair washer.

One, why is that a thing? Two, the requirements to gain the license must have been beyond silly. Like wax on wax off application of shampoo? Did you check the water temp with a laser thermometer? (SMACKS FOREHEAD!)

Seriously though, why are roofers treated as less skilled than hair washers?

Because most roofing companies seem to agree. Or at least, the quality of their work points to that conclusion.

But here at Houston Roofing and Construction, we have a different mindset.

Craftsmanship – First, Last, And Always

Since there’s no required licensing for roofers in Texas, we developed our own requirements for roofing professionals who want to work at Houston Roofing and Construction while serving Houston:

  • Pride – Our roofers must want to reach for perfection in their work at all times.
  • Honor – Our roofers must decide to do things correctly even when nobody’s looking. Integrity is the only currency that matters.
  • Respect – If we wouldn’t send a roofer to our mother’s home – then we won’t send them to yours.
  • Skill – Our roofers must be able to carry out their tasks and understand our methods.
  • Buy-In – Our roofers must believe in the value of our meticulous, zero-compromise installation guidelines.

Becoming a Houston Roofing roofer is much harder than becoming a barber, and we aren’t the least bit afraid of showing the door to those who can’t or won’t keep up.

Usually, they get picked up by one of our competitors within a day – and it shows.

The Cost Of Hiring Bad Roofers Is Born By The
Homeowners – Not Those Doing The Hiring

You may wonder why our competitors are willing to hire so-so roofers by the bushel. Wouldn’t it just cost them more money in the end?

Sadly, no.

Unfortunately, all the homeowners know is that their new roof sure looks pretty.

The mistakes these substandard roofers make are often hidden from view and take months or years before they become a problem – long after the company’s feeble workmanship guarantee has lapsed.

And you can tell a lot about a roofing company by reading their workmanship guarantee.

There are companies who pursue profit over quality, who will either not be around to honor their workmanship guarantee, or will debate fine points within their guarantee. However, Houston Roofing & Construction has been in business for over ten years, and we stand by our agreement.

Zero-Risk For Companies

The only risk these companies face is the manufacturer coming after them for their shoddy work – and even then, they can just go bankrupt (again) and start over under a new name (again).

Or, if they are a large enough company, they can simply absorb those expenses into their massive pile of quantity over quality income. And they know that familiarity with their name will overcome any number of negative reviews.

Massive Homeowner Risk

The homeowner doesn’t have those options. While they grip their unusable roof guarantee in one hand, their other hand is writing huge checks to pay for the damage to their homes – and often another new roof, too.

From top to bottom, this business model is a nightmare for homeowners – and only them.

For the companies, it’s a money machine.

So Why Doesn’t Houston Roofing
Join The Money Train?

We have some ‘odd’ notions at Houston Roofing that we’ll never abandon.

  • We have chosen to become RCAT-certified, the only voluntary roofing license in Texas
  • Our best product warranty has zero depreciation for the first 50 years and lasts for life.
  • We consider quality and value far more important than huge profits.
  • We want your roofing experience to be enjoyable.
  • We truly care about our clients and the results we provide them.

While much of this is backed by etched-in-stone core values, it all hinges on hiring the right people to do the work and training them to do things the right way! We work hard to share knowledge among our team to make sure each project goes smoothly.

We hold an RCAT license, the toughest roofing license you can earn, and something less than 2% of the roofers in the state have managed to achieve.

Plus, we sit down at least monthly to go over any issues and seek ways to prevent them in the future.

We also take the time to teach our installers to act in a way that is respectful while on your property. No harsh language, no loud music, and no untended messes anywhere throughout the installation process.

In short, they treat you and your home as if their own mother was there watching their every move.

And anyone who falls short of that can’t remain with Houston Roofing and Construction.

While the great state of Texas may not care, our standards for our roofers are sky-high and unbending.




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