Keeping Your New Roof In Tip-Top
Shape For Years

March 14, 2023

Keeping Your New Roof In Tip-Top
Shape For Years

Make Your Roof Last For Years With
Professional Maintenance

Investing in a high-quality roof is only half the battle. You must also be vigilant about regular maintenance and upkeep. Having one of the most dependable roof replacement companies in Houston come and inspect your roof every year can save you time, money, and hassle in the long run.

Most of us don’t think about our roofs on a daily basis. But your roof is the first line of defense from the elements. Rain, snow, hail, and wind bombard our shingles, eaves, and valleys.

That’s why it’s important to keep an eye on your roof’s condition over time. Even a roof in good shape needs regular maintenance to ensure it remains functional and weather-resistant for years. According to roofing experts, the average roof lifespan is 10-15 years, and regular maintenance can extend it to 20 years.

Regular roof inspections are essential for spotting minor repairs and issues before they become more serious. Here are some helpful tips to make your roof last longer:

Choose High-Quality Materials

Top-quality roofing solutions feature tough shingles, flashing, and insulation that can withstand intense weather. They last much longer than their cheaper alternatives and protect you and your family for years.

This quality may cost more upfront, but the savings from not having to repair or replace your roof prematurely make up for it in the long run.

Get more for your roof by choosing reputable products like GAF Timberline Shingles. They give your roof a dimensional look with their proprietary color blends, enhanced shadow effect, and exceptional protection.

Install Proper Attic Ventilation

Without proper ventilation, heat and moisture will build up in your attic, causing damage over time. This can lead to premature aging of the roof’s materials and even leaks. To keep your roof in its best condition, you should install proper attic ventilation that allows air to circulate freely. This may include intake vents at the eaves and exhaust vents near the ridge or peak of the roof.

Keeping your attic well-ventilated helps maintain a consistent temperature and prevents moisture from building up, allowing your roof to last longer. Also, inspect your attic after heavy rainstorms or storms with strong winds to check for any damage.

Keep The Gutters Clean

When leaves, twigs, and other materials build up in your gutters, it can create a blockage that will cause water to build up, leading to problems such as overflowing rainwater or ice dams. Additionally, standing water in the gutter can cause erosion to the foundation of your roof over time.

Regularly cleaning out your gutters can help prevent these issues from arising and ultimately extend the life of your roof. Investing in a good quality leaf guard system can also make regular cleaning easier and more efficient.

Inspect Your Roof Regularly For Damage

While you can identify common signs of damage by looking at your roof from the ground, a professional inspection is always best. During the inspection, professional inspectors will look for missing or cracked shingles, rust spots or stains on the roof deck, or moisture in the attic.

An annual inspection will keep your roof in top shape and ensure it lasts as long as possible. In addition, proper maintenance and repair will prevent small issues from becoming bigger ones.

Trim Overhanging Branches And Trees

Overhanging branches can scrape against shingles and cause damage, eventually leading to leakage or moisture buildup in the attic. Regularly trimming back trees near your home can help protect your roof from any unnecessary damage and prevent animals from making nests on top of it.

In addition, you should clear away any debris, such as leaves and twigs, from the surface of your roof, as this can also lead to wear and tear over time.

Replace Damaged Shingles Immediately

Damaged shingles often result from exposure to severe weather or even falling limbs. Replacing worn or cracked shingles sooner rather than later will help protect your home from moisture buildup, leaks, and other costly damages that could occur if left unchecked.

When replacing the shingles, use the same type as on the original roof, or you may risk them not blending in correctly with the rest of the surface.

Choose An Experienced Roofing Contractor To
Make Your Roof Last For Years

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