Most Common Roof Leaks

April 18, 2023

What Are The Most Common Roof Leaks?

There are many reasons you may have damage to your roof. Sometimes a roof leak is not the result of a huge storm or extreme damage. If you notice any leak from your roof, contact us and we can help diagnose the cause.

At Houston Roofing & Construction, we are fully licensed expert professionals in residential and commercial roofing. We offer a free inspection of your roof to determine the cause of your leak.

Here, we break down the most common types of roof leaks that we see.

Three MOST Common Roof Leaks

Cracked Flashing

Flashing is a metal material used to insulate vulnerable areas of your roof. Flashing can be made of materials like copper, lead, or aluminum and is generally found at the base of chimneys, dormers, and other transitions from vertical structures. Flashing is crucial to the integrity of your roof because it staves off water damage.

Flashing can crack as a result of wear and tear or can be damaged by improper installation or if the wrong adhesive was used to seal it. Cracks in your flashing can allow outside elements into your home, and you may start to notice leaks after it rains.

Broken Shingles

Over time, with regular wear and tear and exposure to the elements, your roof’s shingles can erode and offer less protection for your roof. Your shingles are the most exterior layer of your roof, and they endure the brunt of the damage caused by rough weather. Most broken shingles are caused by storm damage or wear and tear over time.

Look out for signs of shingle damage such as discoloration and crumbling shingle parts. If you notice shingles littering your lawn after a storm, you should have your roof inspected as soon as possible. If you have broken shingles and they’re not fixed immediately, it can lead to further damage to your roof. As soon as you notice any signs of shingle trouble, contact Houston Roofing & Construction right away.

Improperly Sealed Roof Penetrations

The third most common roof leak occurs when a penetration on your roof is not sealed properly. A roof penetration is a hole in your roof that is intentionally made to install your chimney, plumbing pipes, vents for your bathroom fan, and any other necessary equipment. If a roof penetration isn’t sealed with the right type of flashing or the equipment is installed improperly, your roof will be vulnerable to water penetration.

Contact Houston Roofing & Construction

With years of experience in residential and commercial roofs, Houston Roofing & Construction has a full team of licensed roofers, craftsmen, and installers.  We offer a free roof inspection to check out your roof and can assess if you are having issues with flashing, shingles, or any other parts of your roof.  

We will provide you with an estimate of the damage to your roof and our recommendation for repairing it. We will work hard to find the root cause and make the process as stress-free as possible.  Houston Roofing & Construction offers an amazing warranty, and we will do our best to ensure that our homeowners are incredibly satisfied with their roof repair or replacement. 

Are you ready to find out the cause of your roof leak?  If you are in the Houston area, reach out to us at (832) 237-3737 or fill out this form. We are excited to answer all of your questions and concerns!

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