Never Press 3 To Continue Holding With Houston Roofing

April 11, 2023

“Press 3 To Be Totally Ignored… ” Is Simply Not
Possible At Houston Roofing & Construction

Instead, A Knowledgeable Project Manager, Or
Even The Co-Owner, Will Personally Pick Up

The initial call to a Houston roofer for a roof replacement or repair might be intimidating for many home and business owners.

This make-or-break moment of building a relationship with your roofer is often where trust can be gained or lost. Unfortunately, even after establishing initial contact with local area roofers, many stop returning your calls. 

But at Houston Roofing and Construction, we’ll answer your call(s) with our wealth of roofing knowledge the first time you call and every time after that. 

Shocking, we know. But it comes down to a little thing called dedication.

We are dedicated to our passion for roofing and to you, our valued local customer. 

You see, we don’t believe in just shoving you off to an automated voice message recorded a decade ago by some voice actor in Chicago.

We try our utmost to pick up the phone every time someone calls. That’s because roofing experts like us understand that many roofing situations can be emergencies.

So we’re ready to take your call with a solution. Not just with a prepared sales script (unbelievable, right?). A knowledgeable Project Manager and sometimes even the co-owner herself will pick up!

To you, it might seem like concierge-level service, but to us, it’s just how we do things on a daily basis.

Some Calls Are Time-Sensitive
So We Answer ASAP

Roofs are essential. An obvious statement, right?

But what’s not so apparent to many Houston area roofing contractors is the level of emergency some roofing repair issues pose. Or rather, they know it could be urgent but don’t really care to take you seriously.

Be it a leak finally rearing its ugly head or something more drastic, we understand the urgency roofing issues can pose. We’ll help you solve not just your overall roofing needs but also your immediate roofing needs.

Our dedicated group of owners and Project Managers always has someone at the office during business hours ready to take your call.

Rest assured that we’ll not only pick up the phone, but we’ll also actually listen to what you have to say.

We Have A Vested Interest In Roofing

Many roofing companies (especially the large national brands) have departments on departments on departments…

Does “Please press number x to reach so and so” sound familiar?

And once you do finally get a hold of someone, has the person on the other end ever even stepped foot on a roof? Probably not.

You can breathe a sigh of relief when calling Houston Roofing.

We have no pretense, and we have a small, open office where we all share our ideas and collaborate on roofing solutions with enthusiasm.

If you call us during business hours and we pick up, you’ll be connected to someone with a vested interest in roofing. This might sound shocking to you, but to us, it’s just standard operating procedure because we are passionate about roofing.

In fact, one of our very own Project Managers, Ryan, has gained quite a name for himself with our local customer base.

He’s now known by many as “Ryan the Roofer” because he’s always ready to answer texts and calls with enthusiasm about your roofing concerns – even on his personal cell phone.

That’s how dedicated he is to ensure you can rest assured with your roofing needs.

When You’re Ready To Call, We’re Ready To Answer

If you need your roof replaced in Houston and want to start your project with a real and knowledgeable roofer, contact Houston Roofing and Construction for a free roof inspection and estimate today.

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