No Two Roofing Projects Are Exactly Alike

August 5, 2021

Why No Two Roofing Projects In Houston Are Exactly Alike

4 Reasons You Can’t Compare Your Roofing Project To Your Neighbor’s

“My neighbor had his roof done for xx amount. Can you do my roof for that amount also?”

“Why do I have to pay for 50% of my roof replacement? My neighbor’s insurance covered 90% of his roof replacement costs!”

“My next-door neighbor’s roof is a carbon copy of mine, so why doesn’t it COST the same?”

Houston homeowners ask us these questions all the time. It’s easy for homeowners to make the mistake of thinking that a roof is a roof. After all, how many different kinds of roofs are there already?

The answer is, A LOT.

Here are four reasons why YOUR roof is different from every other roof (and why comparisons are pretty useless):

1. Age

There’s an inverse relationship between the age of your roof and the amount your insurance covers. In other words, the older your roof gets, the less your insurance will pay to have it replaced.

The good news: If your roof is on its last legs, and you’re worried that your insurance might not cover a roof replacement — we can help you. We’ll send an experienced roofer to examine your roof and speak to your insurance agent with you so that you have someone on your side who will advocate for your roof. Many times, your insurance agent will agree to cover much more of the cost of your roof replacement just because there’s a roofer on the scene who knows their roofing stuff inside out.

2. Shape & Slope

Of course, a bigger roof will be more expensive to replace, but did you know that the shape and slope of your roof also affect how costly your roof replacement will be?

The good news: If you have a roof that is unusually shaped or very steep, you’re in good hands. We make a point of focusing on the details. This means that we have the right equipment to deal with your steep roof and every one of our roofers is up to speed on handling roofs with complex ridges and vents.

3. Materials

When you replace your roof, you have choices. You can decide to go with a metal roof or a tile roof. Even if you stick with a shingle roof, there are dozens of styles and colors to choose from. And every decision you make about the materials you use will add up differently when the cost of your roof is calculated.

The good news: We make a point of updating you about every detail — we never leave you in the dark. So, if the materials for your roof are on the expensive side or if there are any material shortages, we’ll let you know RIGHT AWAY.

4. Accessibility

Is your roof surrounded by a thick wall of shrubbery? Or, is there a large distance between your driveway and your house? Most homeowners don’t consider whether accessing their roof is complicated or simple, but roofers absolutely do. The more complicated it is to get onto your roof, the more expensive your roof replacement will be.

The good news: After every roofing project we do, we can safely proclaim that ‘no shrubs were harmed in the process of replacing this roof’. We take every precaution to make sure that your landscaping is not trampled on or ruined by debris by covering it with a tarp and doing multiple sweeps to pick up stray nails and trash.
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