Our Service Means Smooth Sailing

June 7, 2024

At Houston Roofing, Our Remarkable Service
Means Smooth Sailing For Your Project

Our “Do It Right The First Time” Outlook
Ensures Your 100% Satisfaction

When you want to hire a residential or commercial roofing service in Katy, TX, your best option is to work with Houston Roofing & Construction.


Because we are ENTIRELY committed to your satisfaction. And that means every member of our team.

Everything we do is geared toward making sure you get the finest roofing experience possible, whether you need a new roof or repairs to your old one.

For instance, our insured and licensed crews pay close attention to even the tiniest details so we can get your job done right the first time. This attitude shortens your project’s time frame, eliminates mistakes, and minimizes inconvenience for you.

We’re very proud of our exceptional service and the smooth sailing it means for your project.

Our Meticulous Methods

We use several key methods to shepherd your project calmly and capably from start to finish. That means NO drama and NO stress.

You enjoy a smooth process, receive the desired outcome, and always remain in the loop.


For one thing, we give you an honest assessment of your roofing needs at the outset. When we inspect your roof, we never inflate the estimate beyond what you truly need. The report we submit is accurate, honest, and fair.

If you only need minor wind damage repairs, that’s exactly what we’ll recommend.

However, if you need a whole new roof, we won’t try to sugarcoat it, and we won’t suggest you take half-measures to achieve cost savings. We only know ONE way to do a job, and that’s to do it right.

Then we install only the finest roofing materials from respected brands like Malarkey and GAF.

But we don’t stop at the materials we choose – we’re quality-focused at all levels.

1. Masterful Project Management

We assign a dedicated professional project manager (PM) to every job. This individual is skilled, experienced, and trained in planning and supervision. They know how to oversee a crew of A+ roofers, spot mistakes, motivate workers, and communicate with clients.

Your project manager is your single point of contact during the project. So, you won’t have to juggle contacts or shuffle through phone numbers to get answers – just contact your PM.

They also provide consistent oversight of your project.

Unlike other roofing contractors, we don’t shuffle crews or managers from location to location, so your PM will be there for you from start to finish.

Our clients LOVE this type of continuity. No need to become acquainted with a new manager who isn’t familiar with your job, and no details slipping through the cracks because of it.

Driven By Core Principles

At Houston Roofing & Construction, we are guided by four core principles that we consider sacred. These principles steer our decisions and impact every client interaction.

These core values are:

  • Integrity
  • Education
  • Accountability
  • Professionalism

We behave with integrity at all times, take responsibility when something goes wrong, invest in our team’s education and training, and always behave professionally when on the job.

They provide unerring guidance and keep us on the right track. They contribute to our local reputation and ensure customers get a fair deal, honest work, and a successful outcome.

3. Consistent Communication

We reach out often during your job so you always feel like you’re in the loop. We regularly let you know how your project is progressing, and we’re easy to reach when you have comments or questions.

During the initial consultation, we outline our process and let you know what to expect. Then, we keep you informed at each step of the process so you know where things stand.

We’re happy to receive your input and are always glad to answer your questions.

If you need roofing service, work with a contractor who is dedicated to providing smooth results. Contact Houston Roofing in Katy, TX, today to schedule a free consultation.

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