Of The Top 10 Roofing Manufacturers In The US, We Chose GAF

August 4, 2021

They’re The BEST (We Mean That In The Very Literal Sense Of The Word)

There are hundreds of roofing manufacturers in the US. And they’re all good in different ways. Some products are superbly weather resistant, others are beautiful, and then there are those that are designed to last for a LONG time. But rarely can you find a roofing product that is rated ten out of ten in ALL of these areas. You usually have to pick and choose.

But we did our research, and we found a roofing manufacturer that was consistently excellent across the board. That’s GAF.

#1. They’re The BEST-Selling Shingles In North America

And there are some very good reasons for that…

  • GAF shingles are very strong and durable: Your shingles may look nice right after they’re installed, but they don’t look nice strewn about your lawn after a night of rough weather. GAF shingles look nice and feel nice even in the roughest of storms.
  • Price ranges are flexible: Most roofing manufacturers give the customer an ultimatum — luxury shingles or affordable shingles — and never the twain shall meet. GAF is different. You can get a gorgeous roof for a very reasonable price.
  • Different stripes for different types: There are so many different materials, colors, and styles to choose from that no matter where you hail from or what kind of roofing tastes you have — you’re bound to find the shingle that’s perfect for your home.
  • They’re homegrown: GAF shingles are made in the great ol’ US of A. That’s something that can’t be said for many other roofing products.
  • They’ve been around the block: Actually, they’ve been around since 1886. If a company is around that long, you know they’ve got to be doing something awfully right.

Read more about why we chose GAF products.

#2. They’re Rated The BEST In Shingle Quality By Homeowners For The Last 9 Years

Fire protection: Protecting the ones you love starts with making sure your roof is fire resistant. GAF shingles are made with advanced technology that makes them able to withstand extremely high temperatures.

Stain protection: Your insurance won’t cover a roof replacement if your roof has some nasty stains on it. But that doesn’t mean it’s not an eyesore. Avoid this dilemma by installing GAF shingles that are designed to ward off unsightly stains, like mold and algae. 

Storm resistance: This one’s a no brainer. Any shingle that can withstand storms the way a GAF product can, makes it into the good books. After all, what’s the point of a roof if it can’t protect you when you need it most? GAF products are built to last.

#3. They Have The BEST Warranty In The Industry

GAF offers an airtight warranty called the GAF Golden Pledge to any roofing contractor who is GAF Master Elite certified (that’s us!).

Only 2% to 3% of all roofing contractors in the United States have completed this certification – because there are a lot of requirements.

What’s so good about GAF’s warranty, anyway?

Well — to break that down, we’ll need to show you what the average warranty in the roofing industry looks like:

  • Workmanship: 2 years vs. 25 YEARS
  • Installation Labor: 10 years vs. A LIFETIME
  • Shingle Defect: 10 years vs. 50 YEARS

And to top it all off, the GAF Golden Pledge gives you ONE HUNDRED PERCENT coverage. There are no loopholes, no lies, no fluff. 

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