Pay Attention To These Problem Areas
To Protect Your Houston Roof

March 10, 2023

Pay Attention To These Problem Areas
To Protect Your Houston Roof

Expert Tips To Spot Potential Roof Issues
Before It’s Too Late

From high winds and heavy rains to animal infestations and clogged gutters – there’s plenty of threats to your Houston roof. But don’t worry – with a little knowledge on your side, you can protect your home and make sure your roof is in tip-top shape.

Knowing which problem areas to look out for can ensure your home’s safety, security, and integrity. According to the National Roofing Contractors Association, an average roof should be inspected at least twice a year, ideally in fall and spring. But it’s always better to err on the side of caution and check more often.

When you’re out in the yard with the kids, or cleaning up on the weekends, make it a point to look for these key warning signs of a potential roof issue.

Animal Infestations

Squirrels, raccoons, birds, mice, and other small animals can chew or scratch through roofing materials to create entry points into the attic.

Inspect regularly for any signs of infestation, such as droppings, chewed areas, or nests. Also, check the eaves, edges, and valleys of your roof for possible entry points that animals may exploit. If you find evidence of an animal infestation on your roofing system, call a licensed professional right away to have it evaluated and treated.

Clogged Gutters

Over time, a buildup of leaves, twigs, and other debris can block the gutter system – preventing water from draining properly. This can cause water to overflow onto the roof, resulting in leaking and excessive moisture build-up. This excess moisture often leads to long-term damage like rotted wood or mold growth.

Beyond damage to your roof, pooling water and leaks can cause mildew and mold growth. Mold is a serious health risk for you and your family — so it’s important to clean your gutters regularly and inspect them for blockages.

Regularly inspect your gutter system for blockages that could prevent proper drainage. Check downspouts, as they are prone to clogs due to leaves, dirt, and other debris. Consider hiring a professional for roof repair in Houston, TX, if you need help with this task.

Incorrect Roof Flashing

Flashing acts as a barrier between seams, edges, and valleys, keeping moisture from entering these areas. If incorrectly installed or missing, it can lead to major leaking issues and other costly damages.

Check the sealant, tiles, and seams around the flashing to ensure they are properly sealed, and look for rust, corrosion, or other deterioration that can cause damage. Make sure all areas have adequate flashing and that it is securely affixed with proper installation techniques.

Water Damage

A leaking roof can cause significant damage to insulation, timber structure, and even electrical wiring. Signs of water damage include dark patches on the ceiling, moisture around windows, stained walls or peeling paint, and water spots in corners.

One of the primary causes of water damage is leakage or seepage from cracks and weaknesses in your roofing material. Routinely inspect your roof for any signs of cracks, gaps, or areas where water could be entering.

Additionally, you should have an experienced professional check for any sagging on the rooftop that could indicate a weakened structure due to moisture buildup.

Another way to identify potential water damage is to check the area around chimneys and vents, as well as flashings near skylights. If you find any compromised shingles or leaky pipes, this could be where the water enters your home.

Once water has penetrated the exterior of your home, it’s extremely difficult to clean. That’s why it’s crucial to spot these potential issues before they happen.

Damaged Or Improperly Installed Shingles

When shingles are not installed properly, they can easily be blown off in high winds, leaving your roof vulnerable to water seepage and damage. Similarly, if the shingles have become cracked, missing, or otherwise worn out due to wear and tear, this can lead to serious issues with water leakage.

Inspect your roof regularly for any signs of damaged shingles and address them before major water damage occurs. Have an experienced professional check for broken seals, missing nails, and warped or cracked shingles as part of your regular roof maintenance schedule – this could save you a lot of money in the long run.

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