Preparing For Commercial Roofing Issues During Winter

January 30, 2024

How To Prepare For Winter Issues With
Your Commercial Low-Slope Roof
In The Champions Area

Protect Your Commercial
Roofing Investment

Are you thinking about how to prepare for roofing issues your commercial low-slope roof in The Champions Area might face this upcoming winter?

While it’s true that winters in the Greater Houston Area are much tamer than in other parts of the country, it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t take care of your building’s roof.

Snow and ice might be rare occurrences, but other issues could arise, and preparing your roof ahead of time can put you in a position where you do not have to worry about your roof during the winter months.

Also, proper care of your commercial low-slope roof before winter arrives can set your roof up to perform well during the following year.

At Houston Roofing & Construction, we’d like to share some ways you can prepare your commercial roof for the winter and avoid issues that could pop up.

Trimming Trees And Removing Debris From Your
Commercial Low-Sloped Roofing System

One of the main things you can do or have done is have trees trimmed around your building, especially since many branches hang over onto your commercial building’s roof.

The trees will be more aesthetically pleasing and won’t hang over or onto your roof. Branches hanging onto and over your roof could cause serious problems if left unchecked over time.

Branches could break off, or leaves could eventually pile up on your roof. Also, twigs and branches can get caught in vents and other areas where they shouldn’t be. These are all potential sore spots for building owners looking to keep their headaches to a minimum.

Trimming trees can help quite a bit, depending on your building’s location and if there are trees around it. However, other debris, like dead animals or trash, can still make its way onto your roof.

Regularly cleaning your rooftop of debris can help maintain your building’s roof and keep it performing its best.

Protect Your Commercial Low-Slope
Roof With Gutter Maintenance

Before winter, you’ll want to ensure your drainage system works properly. This includes the drains built into your roof and your gutter system.

You’ll want to verify that your building’s gutters aren’t blocked or need any repairs. Having your gutters checked and maintained can save you from problems year-round.

Get A Commercial Acrylic Roof Coating

Heading into winter is also a great time to apply an acrylic coating to your commercial low-slope roof if needed.

Doing so can help restore your commercial low-slope roof’s surface and prevent issues down the road that could lead to costly roof repairs or a roof replacement.

Acrylic coatings are usually a cost-effective way of protecting a commercial building’s roof and have become a more popular option over recent years.

Schedule An Inspection For Your Low-Sloped
Commercial Roofing

Last but certainly not least is scheduling an inspection by a trusted roofing contractor.

A roof inspection can be a vital step in preparing your roof for not only the winter to come but the entire next year.

Having your roof inspected by expert roofers who pay attention to the details and know what to look for can protect you and your roof from problems that could arise.

Anything that could be a potential problem could be found during an inspection. From drainage system blockages to ventilation issues, a roof inspection can catch problems that might escape the untrained eye early on.

These are some things you can do to prepare your commercial low-slope roof for the winter. Remember that maintaining your roof is one of the most essential steps to protect it from potential issues.

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