Risks Of Choosing Roofer Not Based In Houston

September 4, 2020

Does It Matter If Your Roofing Company Is Not Local To Houston?

Buyer Beware: Companies That Chase Roofing Jobs All Over The Map Bring A Lot Of Problems With Them

If you’re shopping for a roof replacement company and you live in the Houston area, here’s something you need to know:

Hiring a truly local Houston roofing company over a company that chases jobs all over the state (or even out of state) is almost always the better decision.

The Risks Of Choosing A Roofing Company That Takes Jobs Anywhere

Risk #1 You Open Yourself Up To The “Storm Chasers” & Other Questionable Practices

Some roofing companies use this tactic after a storm: they descend on the area and try to scoop up as much business as they can.

This often leads to them taking on a bunch of jobs at once, but they don’t have the staff or installation teams to handle all the work….WHY?  Because they aren’t local and don’t have the resources to handle the work.

So, they turn it all over to sub-contractors and hope it all works out. Of course, it usually doesn’t because there’s no oversight and sloppy work is the result.

Risk #2 The Person Managing Your Project May Suddenly Have To Be Replaced

Roofing companies that take jobs over large geographic areas often have to “rob Peter to pay Paul” by taking project managers and sales guys and sending them where the most jobs and money are at any moment.

This means that the person that sold you the job and your project manager could get yanked off your project at any time to go somewhere else.  

That can mean all the promises made to you and the relationship you built will all be set aside. The result will be poor communication, delayed work, and sub-standard results.

Risk #3 The Person Selling You The Job Has All The Wrong Incentives

Roofing companies that sell jobs all over the place don’t typically hire staff – they use sub-contractors for everything – EVEN SALES. The sub-contractor salesperson only gets paid if they sell – and they must sell the biggest job possible while also slashing job costs as low as they can.  So what suffers?  The quality going into your roof, that’s what!

That’s because the sub-contractor is totally reliant on the size of the job for their pay, so big profits are their only incentive. Without them, they don’t get paid at all.

Risk #4 You Might Not Be Able To Find Them If You Have A Problem Later

Roofing companies that move around based on storms or the most profitable market at the moment can be harder to find if you have a problem down the road.

And even if you do find them, their incentive to actually care is often suspect – they don’t have a local reputation to protect.

Risk #5 In Extreme Cases, You Open Yourself Up To ‘Take-The-Money-And-Run’ Situations

We don’t want to overstate this problem or just scare people, but we should mention that fraud in this industry DOES happen.

And when it does, it’s very sad because homeowners see their hard-earned money disappear and get zero for it.

Watch out for companies that knock on your door randomly, promise you the moon, and then disappear with your deposit.

This is another reason it is so important to check the Better Business Bureau rating of a company, read online reviews, and visit the company’s website.

Houston Roofing Is Truly Local And 100% Reliable

Houston Roofing is different from most roofing companies.

Not only are we big enough and professional enough to be reliable, but we also don’t chase jobs all over. We serve the Houston area – PERIOD.

We also meet rigorous objective standards voluntarily that most roofing companies do not. (This is especially important in Texas, where roofing contractors are not even required to have a license!).

Here’s the facts about us:

  • We have our own highly trained staff of project managers who work for us (not sub-contractors!)
  • Our rating with the Better Business Bureau is A+
  • We are licensed by the Roofing Contractors Association of Texas (The state has no standards or licensing to call yourself a roofing company – we voluntarily meet these standards)
  • We’ve attained the highest certification possible from GAF – Master Elite Certified
  • We’re truly local (unlike many roofing companies who storm chase from city to city, or even from state to state)

Since our project managers work directly for us, they get paid for doing their job the right way. This is a better way than using sub-contractors who have incentives to slash costs to the bone and only sell the biggest job possible.

If you’d like a free roof assessment and a quote from a truly local roofing company, reach out to us for a friendly at-home consultation.

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