Roof Inspections: How They Help You Save Money

September 19, 2022

A Yearly Roof Inspection Could Save You $$$ 

When was the last time you had your Houston roof inspected? You may wonder why you would do this unless you know there is a problem, and that is a very common homeowner behavior.

When you experience a roof leak, you may automatically think you need a “roof replacement.” But the truth is, in many cases, you can get your roof leak repaired for a fraction of the replacement cost. By prolonging the life of your roof, roof inspections save you money in the long run.

5 Ways Yearly Roof Inspections Save You Money 

Living in the Houston area, the weather takes a toll on your roof every year. Not only is there extreme heat to deal with but we also experience severe storms which can affect the life of a roof.

This is why we highly suggest that you have your roof inspected every year; consider how an annual roof inspection can save you money in the long run!

1. Early Detection of Roof Issues 

Every year, there are countless homeowners who begin noticing small issues with their roofs. The problem when these types of issues are not detected early is that it takes a while for damages to become apparent to the homeowner.

By detecting these issues early, you will find it can save you from major repair work later. Here are a few examples of problems that can be noticed early:

  • A small leak that has yet to penetrate the sub-roof may be found.
  • Roofing vents that are not working properly
  • Loose or missing asphalt shingles
  • Weak spots throughout the roof

2. Delay Roof Replacement 

When a yearly roof inspection is done, this can help you to prolong roof replacement since issues are spotted early and repaired before it causes irreparable damage.

If a yearly inspection finds issues and repairs are made, your roof has a longer lifespan. Compare the cost of a new roof to a free roof inspection – it makes sense to opt for our free roof inspection!

3. Prevents Damage To Your Home’s Interior 

When a roof is no longer functioning properly, it allows water to enter the home. In turn, this water will start to leak through the ceiling, and walls, wreaking havoc as it does.

Obviously, if water starts to get into your home, repairs can become more costly to replace drywall and finishes (not to mention your belongings!).

4. Ensures Roof Warranty Is Upheld 

With a yearly roof inspection, any problems can be spotted early. There may be problems that are the manufacturer’s responsibility, or due to storm damage.

In addition, many manufacturers’ warranties require you have a yearly inspection to keep this warranty intact.

5. Protects You Before Hurricane Season 

From June through November, Houston is susceptible to hurricanes and strong thunderstorms. Many people find a roof inspection gives them peace of mind before hurricane season hits.

Remember, during hurricane season, we see strong winds and lots of rain, which can be damaging in many cases. Through a yearly inspection, any concerns can be repaired before your roof is put to the test during hurricane season.

When To Schedule Your Yearly Inspection 

Many homeowners schedule their yearly inspections at the start of spring. You may find it is easier to remember this as part of your spring cleaning tasks.

Another idea is to schedule a yearly inspection on the anniversary of when your roof was installed.
Whatever you decide, the most important aspect to remember is to have your roof inspected yearly (or at most, every eighteen months).

Why Choose Houston Roofing & Construction
For Your Yearly Inspection

The old saying, “better to be safe than sorry,” truly applies to your Houston roof, and we offer yearly roof inspections you can depend upon. So, why do people turn to us?

Firstly, we offer a completely honest assessment of your roof. One of our core values at Houston Roofing & Construction is “integrity first.”

We are only interested in doing what is right for your roof. If a repair helps keep your roof safe, then we only suggest a repair. We do not recommend a roof replacement unless it is really necessary.

In addition, when you contact us for your inspection, you are getting one of our team members. We do not subcontract this task to another company, which many other roofing companies do in the Houston, TX area.

Get A Free Inspection Today 

If you have yet to have a roof inspection completed on your Houston, TX home this year, then is it time to schedule one. Doing so will help extend the life of your roof, prevent interior damages from happening, and give you peace of mind.

Contact us or call us today at 832-237-3737 to schedule your free roof inspection for your Houston, TX home.

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