Roof Repair And Maintenance

February 4, 2020

Roof Repair And Maintenance

No matter where you live if a roof is not properly maintained and protected it will begin to leak. Water intrusion can cause damage to the roofing system, sheathing, framing, attic insulation, and eventually interior finishes. Knowing what to look for before water damage can occur is the most important step in prolonging the life of a roof.

Roof Damage

When inclement weather knocks trees and other large debris onto a roof, it can damage the shingles or even the supports beneath. It is important to have these damaged areas repaired as soon as possible to avoid allowing water to seep beneath the protective shingle layers. Houston Roofing and Construction is available to assess and repair roof damage quickly and professionally. Contact us for a free, no-obligation roof inspection today.

Debris Removal

Removing normal debris like leaves and pine needles from a roof can be challenging depending on the pitch of the roof. While a flatter roof is easier to walk on, it will require cleaning more frequently. A steeper roof will shed debris more easily, but once the debris begins to collect reaching it can be a problem. Houston Roofing and Construction offers a variety of roof maintenance programs, including debris removal.

Shingles And Flashing

As shingles age, they will begin to dry out and become brittle. Shingles will begin to crack, split and separate. Once the shingles become loose, they will blow off, even in light to moderate wind. The accessory components of the roof wear with age, too. The flashing elements of every roofing system need regular maintenance to continue to prevent water seepage.

Regular Inspections

Both the NRCA and GAF recommend annual maintenance to extend the life of any roofing system. So even if your roof does not appear to be damaged, it’s a good idea to have it inspected by a company like Houston Roofing and Construction. Contact us for your free, no-obligation roof inspection and quote today.

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