The 10k Sq Ft Home

April 25, 2023
Case Study

We Performed A Flawless Roof Replacement
For A 10k-Square Foot Home In One Day

Because To Our All-Star Crew And PM The
Job Was Tough – But Not Tough Enough

We faced a massive challenge – a 10,000-square-foot home in Cypress, TX, needing a roof replacement. And it wasn’t just the size. This 100-square roof came with unique architectural elements – like numerous slope angles, steepness, and a multitude of ridges – that required our expert attention.

To top it all off, the homeowner worked from home and was hopeful the project would take less than the original two-day estimate.

Determined to meet and exceed expectations, we tripled the size of our standard crew to tackle the enormous task head-on. The stakes were high, but our skilled team from Houston Roofing & Construction was well-prepped for the challenge.

As they began their work, they navigated the complex architectural features with precision and expertise, maximizing efficiency and making every moment count.

As the day carried on, we’ll admit, we had moments of doubt if we could really pull this off.

But as the sun began to set, and the final touches were applied, (and to everyone’s amazement), we celebrated the fact that we actually pulled it off. We actually did it. In one day.


Half the time of the initial estimate from an already expedited timeline.

During High Roof Replacement Cypress Tx Houston Roofing

This incredible achievement not only saved the homeowners their valuable time but it also left them in, dare we say, a state of shock!

All made possible by the combination of excellent materials from a newcomer on the block – Malarkey Roofing Products – and our dedicated PM “Ryan the Roofer.” 

And, of course, our extra large group of top-notch installers.

We did good work – and here’s how we did it.

Introducing Yet Another Authority In Roofing
Materials Manufacturing – Malarkey

Front Drone After Roof Replacement Cypress Tx

We often rant and rave about using GAF and how we’re a top 3% Golden Pledge GAF Roofer. Heck, we also like to talk about being a GAF President’s Club member too.

But we can’t exclude the newest addition to our residential roofing materials repertoire. And one that helped make this project go off to near perfection – Malarkey Roofing Products.

For this particular roof, the Malarkey Highlander® shingles were absolutely perfect for the job. 

These shingles have a Class 3 rating for hail and impact resistance and boast granules that help clean the air. Crazy, we know… but it’s a thing.

With a lower price point and a focus on environmental responsibility, Malarkey Highlander shingles were the perfect choice for this ambitious project.

Malarkey Highlander shingles offer several impressive features that contribute to their superior performance and eco-friendly nature:

  • Granule adhesion – Scotchgard™ Protector ensures long-lasting granule retention for extended durability.
  • Algae resistance – Copper-infused granules minimize roof streaks and stains caused by algae.
  • Wind resistance – Designed to resist up to 110 mph winds (or 130 mph with enhanced installation), providing robust protection against wind damage.
  • Enhanced durability – NEX® Polymer Modified Asphalt enhances shingle strength and flexibility.
  • Impact resistance – Class 3 impact rating offers increased defense against hail and impact-related damages.
  • Eco-friendly – Manufactured with recycled materials, contributing to a more sustainable and biodegradable roofing solution.

With these exceptional characteristics, Malarkey Highlander® shingles offered this Cypress roof a superior, long-lasting, and environmentally responsible roofing option.

We have received Malarkey’s highest endorsement of being an Emerald Premium installer, which gives our clients access to the best warranties available for all of their excellent shingle options.

The Homeowner Was Thrilled –
And So Were We

Back Drone After Roof Replacement Cypress Tx

With this Cypress project completed in just one day – we said it before, and we’ll say it again – the homeowner was stunned (and so were we).

What can we say?

We expertly navigated this complex project, handling every challenging surprise with the utmost skill and precision, demonstrating our vast expertise in residential roof replacements.

All with a local roofer touch.

It takes a true master of their craft (and a Ryan the Roofer) to deliver such exceptional results in record time. We at Houston Roofing & Construction undoubtedly rose to the occasion, exceeding expectations and setting new standards in the world of roofing.

Back Pool After Roof Replacement Cypress Tx Houston Roofing

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