The Commercial Roof We Did In ONE Weekend

April 26, 2022

At Houston Roofing & Construction, We Always Make It Work –
No Matter How Hard We Have To Work

When it comes to a commercial roof replacement, the rules of the game are a bit different than the average residential roof replacement job. The square footage of a commercial roof is usually 2x that of a residential roof – if not more. There are multiple people who will be affected by the roof replacement, not just one family. And there is usually a very narrow window of time for the project to be completed so that working hours are undisturbed.

As a result, we do everything to minimize mess and disruption and maximize our team’s efficiency on every roof replacement project.

Weekdays Are Off-Limits

This commercial building had multiple tenants, including dentists, chiropractors, and an autism center. It had to be business as usual during the week, which meant that we could only work on the roof on Saturday and Sunday.

Some roofing companies might not have been able to make this work, but at Houston Roofing & Construction, we always figure out a way to accommodate the customer’s needs. In this case, we put three work crews on the job, and they worked from sunrise to dark for two full days.

Around-The-Clock Supervision

With a commercial project like this one, quality control is super important. The roof was just under 150 squares. We were installing GAF HDZ shingles in charcoal – and there was A LOT of product to account for.

That’s why our project manager, Justin, stayed onsite for nearly the entire two days to make sure everything was done correctly. Instead of waiting for mistakes to happen and then cleaning up those messes, we stop errors from happening in the first place. Justin was there to offer support, oversee the work, help with clean-up, document the work for the offsite building owners, and ensure everything went smoothly.

The Raccoon Wrinkle

Before we replaced the roof, we made sure the building was fully empty – that included evicting a raccoon living in the attic. The raccoon was getting in and out of the attic space through a small opening. After we knew the raccoon was out of the building, we repaired the opening to the attic and started replacing the roof.

At Houston Roofing & Construction, we always make sure to do a thorough job to give our customers a completely hassle-free experience.

In His Own Words

What really matters to us is how our customers feel about the job we did. In this case, the customer, Roger, was thrilled with his experience and left us a positive Google Review. “Houston Roofing and Construction did an excellent job. Professional, courteous, and kept us informed every step of the way. Easily one of the best contractors I have ever worked with.”

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