The Most Important Roof Parts Are Those You Don’t See

February 28, 2023

The Most Important Parts Of Your Houston Roof
Are The Things You’ll Never See

Small Details Done Right Make
For A Long-Lasting Roof

Have you heard the phrase, “discipline is what you do when no one is watching?” Great Houston roofers take this phrase to heart when completing your roof installation.

A new roof may look pretty from the outside but start to break down quickly if the details homeowners can’t spot are overlooked.

Unfortunately, too many roofing contractors try to get away with the bare minimum in their installation process. They just don’t understand how cutting corners can shorten your roof’s lifespan to only a handful of years.

At Houston Roofing & Construction, we make your roof LOOK great, but more importantly, we make it WORK great, too. Your new roofing system should perform at its full potential, and our attention to detail ensures it, whether you see it or not!

So, what are these hidden details that are so important? Well, there are three main components we focus on the most!

Water Is Great For Our Health, But It Can
Be Disastrous For You Home

Penetration points are the most neglected areas during roofing installation and lead to the most stressful indoor situations over time. Unfortunately, many homeowners don’t even know there’s an issue until interior leaks start to drip.

By the time it reaches the point of needing buckets to catch your leaks, your home’s structural integrity could be extensively compromised!

It’s easy for roofing contractors to overlook these vulnerable areas – but if your skylights, ridge vents, and pipe jacks aren’t properly sealed, water will inevitably seep into your home.

Almost all of the repair calls we receive at Houston Roofing & Construction deal with penetration points. Like your trusty neighborhood handyman, we’re here to seal the susceptible areas that other roofers neglected.

But when you entrust us with your roof replacement, you’ll never have to worry about potentially compromised leak points. We seal all entry points, ensuring your home stays dry.

We make it safe to keep your buckets stored away. You won’t be needing those!

We Don’t Skimp On Our Underlayment

Most homeowners haven’t heard of underlayment, and that’s ok. You shouldn’t have to deal with it if the right kind is installed correctly. Underlayment works undercover to keep moisture at bay and your home safe from wind and ice.

It’s popular to install felt underlayment in our industry because of its cheaper price point but felt has its cons. It’s prone to tearing during high winds and can also absorb moisture during installation, making the surface of your roof bubble.

We use synthetic underlayment for most residential roofs. It’s moisture-resistant, faster to install, and extremely durable – holding up against the harshest conditions this side of tornados.

You’ll hopefully never have to see your underlayment, but it’s good to know it’s working for you.

Quality Flashing Stops Leaks
Before They Happen

Along with underlayment, flashing is the unsung hero of your roofing system. Flashing helps keep your home safe from harmful outdoor elements when installed correctly and maintained regularly.

Surprisingly, most people never even know it’s there!

Used wherever vertical planes (chimneys, walls, etc.) meet the rest of your roof’s surface, flashing serves to direct water away from the seams.

But, most roofing companies fail to check the current state of your flashing during installation. Many refuse, and some even go as far as to add to your old, rusted flashing that has reached its end. Llayering on to old flashing can leave the seams and joints of your roof open to leakage.

Though you’ll probably never notice, we thoroughly inspect your flashing, ensuring it’s in working order. If it’s not, we will replace it.

And with some areas, we don’t even take the chance – we replace your drip edge, step flashing, and more, making your roof impenetrable. Nothing is getting past your roof!

At Houston Roofing, The Key To
Success Lies In The Details

We know we don’t have to focus so much on the details, but we can’t help ourselves. Even when we know no one is watching, we do the right thing, giving those unseen roofing components the attention they deserve.

At Houston Roofing & Construction, we wouldn’t feel right doing the bare minimum and leaving our customers with a roof system likely to break down sooner rather than later.

We like great-looking roofs just as much as anyone, but we’re most proud of our careful attention to detail.

Our process guarantees we always give you both head-turning appeal and unrelenting durability.

Experience the difference a few details, and careful attention can make when you replace your roof with Houston Roofing & Construction. Contact us today for a free roof inspection and estimate!

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