The ONE Thing Your Houston Home Insurance Company Does NOT Want You To Know

June 11, 2021

Do This One Thing Before You Call Your Insurance Adjuster And Save On Roofing Costs

Mr. and Mrs. Riley are a couple in their mid-fifties. Their bucket list consists of paying off their mortgage, fixing odds and ends around their home, and planning for retirement. After a particularly violent hail storm, the Rileys suspect that their aging roof suffered some damage. They place a call to their insurance adjuster right away to find out if their roof repair will be covered.

From there, things go downhill fast…

Their insurance adjuster comes down to the Rileys’ home, takes a look at their damaged roof, and says this: “There’s not enough damage here for us to cover your roof replacement AND since your roof is so old we can’t provide coverage for you until you replace it.”


If you’re confused, you’re not the only one. Something didn’t smell right to us. And since the Rileys are our long-time Houston Roofing clients, we dug into this some more. 

This is what we found out:

The bad news…

Fact #1: Think your roof is safe because you have home insurance? Think again. You can LOSE insurance on your home if your roof is too old. Yes – you read that right. As counterproductive as it seems, your home insurance company can actually REMOVE coverage if they determine that your roof is on its last legs.

Fact #2: You’re probably thinking, “Oh no! Can this happen to me?” The answer is – yes it can. But there are only specific situations where this might happen. 

A – When you’re changing insurance companies: 

When you are signing up for a new home insurance, they will send you detailed paperwork to fill out. They’ll also send an inspector down to your home to verify the details you fill out on the paperwork. The inspector will check for anything in your home that might disqualify you from insurance coverage – like an old roof. 

B – When you call your insurance company for an inspection to find out if they will pay for a roof repair or replacement for your Houston home. 

Not a good idea. Your insurance adjuster knows that you don’t know all the ins and outs about roofing. If your roof is old and prone to damage, it can be easy for them to deny you coverage without a solid explanation.

The good news…

Do this every time you call your home insurance company to inspect your roof  – or when you’re changing insurance companies – and you will avoid A LOT of grief (and bills!). 

If you believe your Houston roof might have damage OR your roof is pretty old, and you are in the process of switching insurance companies:

Call us BEFORE you call your insurance adjuster. 

When you call us BEFORE you call your insurance company, we’ll send down one of our expert roofers to be your advocate. You’ll have someone on your side who knows pretty much everything there is to know about roofing. When your insurance adjuster sees someone who’s qualified, they are much LESS likely to use a technical excuse to deny you coverage. 

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