This Blue Roof Is Proof Positive That We Do WHATEVER It Takes To Make Houston Homeowners Happy

December 2, 2021

At Houston Roofing & Construction, We’re Not Scared Off By “The Impossible”

Quick question: When’s the last time you remember seeing a home with a blue roof in the Houston area?

Think about it for a second. Most residential roofing shingles are shades of gray or brown or black. You just don’t see blue shingles all that often. A lot of roofers don’t even offer it as a color option. This is especially true due to the current material shortages — blue shingles are practically IMPOSSIBLE to find.

But we’re not like other roofers. If you want a blue roof on your home, you’re going to GET a blue roof on your home. We’ll make certain of that — no matter what it takes. 

Here’s a recent example…

Striking Gold With Harbor Blue

It was Dustin, our project manager, who managed to do the “impossible.” He pulled some strings, (and by that we mean, he made A LOT of phone calls, and spent A LOT of time and effort), and finally struck gold when he tracked down Owens Corning Duration shingles in Harbor Blue.

We’re in the business of roofs. And the average roof doesn’t come in blue. But we’re also in the business of making people happy. And if a blue roof is what does it — we’ll make that happen. No matter how hard it might be for us to get our hands on those blue shingles and install them.

Part of professionalism is figuring out a way to do something that seems impossible at first glance, instead of taking the easy way out. Professionalism is one of our core values, and something we take very seriously.

“Handle With Care”

There was another wrinkle to this project… the Travertine tiles surrounding the homeowner’s pool screamed “handle with care.” They were newly installed, very expensive and delicate — the exact qualities that make a surface NOT AT ALL ideal for a roof replacement project.

But this proved to be a non-issue, because our crew made SURE that there wouldn’t be a single scratch on any of the tiles. They covered the entire pool, travertine, and plants with plastic tarps to catch every bit of debris and make sure that not even one nail (and there are lots of them!) would come in contact with the tiles.

This is what we mean when we say that our team is accountable to a higher standard. We play by a whole different set of rules than most roofing companies.

The MVPs

This beautiful “harbor blue” roof exists because of the individuals who worked hand-in-hand to pull everything together in the smoothest way possible. Specifically: Mirna, our production manager, Dustin, our project manager, and Carlos, our roofing foreman.

Our process WORKS because every single member of the Houston Roofing team collaborates hand-in-hand with one another. Read more about our hassle-free process to get a glimpse behind the curtain.

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