The Reason Why Our Project Managers Actually CARE About Your Houston Roof

February 18, 2022

Hint: Our Project Managers Are NOT Independent Contractors

You can’t fake caring. You either care, or you don’t. And our project managers care deeply about the success of your roofing project.

Our project managers are not independent contractors. They’re full-fledged employees with salaries and benefits. We value them and treat them with the respect they deserve. This means that they care about the future of Houston Roofing…and they care about YOU.

We Treat Our Project Managers Right…So They Treat YOU Right

Most companies don’t treat subcontractors how they deserve to be treated, so they don’t treat YOU with the respect and care you deserve. In fact, most subcontractors only make money if they make a roofing sale. They will agree to anything to make the sale, and your overall satisfaction automatically takes a backseat.

Our project managers have secure jobs, and we treat them like the competent professionals they are. They receive a steady salary regardless of how many customers they acquire. Instead, they’re motivated by YOUR SATISFACTION.  

Our project managers focus on your happiness, not on making the sale. 

That means that they’re eager to help you with your insurance claim, they’re happy to explain every part of the process to you, and they are with you the entire way to make sure you’re happy with how your roofing project is going. It’s all about YOU.


FULLY Objective Roof Doctors

It’s hard for subcontractors to be objective when giving you a roofing assessment. Since they don’t get a consistent salary, the more money the general contractor makes off your roofing project – the more they’ll get paid. That makes it extremely tough to be totally honest when determining if you need an inexpensive roof repair or a costly replacement. 

On the other hand, our project managers have ONE goal in mind – to give you a 100% accurate roof assessment. And since nothing is clouding their judgment, they’re able to do exactly that.

When you receive a roofing diagnosis from one of our project managers, you don’t have to worry that the wool is being pulled over your eyes. If you only need a roof repair and not a full replacement, they’ll be sure to tell you that.

Seeing The Big Picture

A big part of being a salaried employee is identifying with your employer. Our project managers aren’t in this for themselves – they’re a reflection of Houston Roofing & Construction. They’re able to take a step back and see what’s important. And that means they understand how crucial it is that you have an entirely positive experience. 

Our project managers are professionals, and they’re accountable to a higher standard. They always treat you and your home with the respect you deserve, and they make a point of being there when you need them.

Core Values Lead The Way

Every one of our project managers lives according to our core values. And their values are displayed in the work that they do. 

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Bottom Line: Our Project Managers Are Invested In YOU

Our project managers are invested in the future of Houston Roofing & Construction. They value their positions within our company, and they want us to be successful. That makes them invested in you

Our project managers want you to be thrilled with your roof repair or replacement. They care about your happiness, the success of your roofing project, and your overall feeling toward us. They’ll do everything they can to give you a beautiful roof and a positive experience.

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