Understanding Roofing Insurance Claims

May 16, 2022

The Secret To Success Is Having A Houston Roofing
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Home insurance is required when you are paying a mortgage, and it is recommended that you keep this policy even after your home is owned. When an issue arises with your residential roof, the price of this can be lower when you file a claim with your insurance company.

Since this is not something that you do every day, the process of filing an insurance claim for your roof is not fully understood by most homeowners. The key to success is connecting with roof companies that work with insurance in the Houston, TX area.

The Process Of Making A Claim To Your Insurance For Your Roof

If your roof is no longer as it should be, there is always a chance that your homeowner’s insurance will cover a portion of the cost of replacing this roof. The process is not as simple as calling your insurance company and saying you need a new roof. How does this process work?

1. Call Your Home Insurance Provider

When you notice that your roof needs to be replaced, the first step is to call your insurance provider. Make sure to have your policy number so that you can speed this process along.

The insurance agency is not going to make this easy for you. Insurance companies do not want to pay out if they can avoid this. This is why they will send out their own adjuster to take a look at your roof.

2. Adjuster Comes To Your Home

The adjuster will come out on the day and time that the insurance company has set up. They will visually look at the roof and in most cases, climb up to take a closer look. They will also take pictures of the roof to determine if the damage is covered by your insurance policy.

After the inspection, finding out whether the roof will be covered by your insurance or not, truly depends upon the adjuster.

3. Insurance Gives Their Answer

Once the adjuster gives their documentation, the insurance agency will determine if this roof is in need of a complete replacement or just a repair. They will take a deep dive into your policy to determine if this policy will cover the damage or not.

4. Work With A Roofing Company

At this point, it is wise to start working with roof companies that work with insurance. For example, we can come out and look at the roof just as the adjuster did, giving our expert opinion on what damage is present and what caused it.

We can send this documentation to the insurance company to further confirm that yes, your roof needs to be replaced, and the claim should be approved. This documentation will also have the estimated cost for replacement or repair, depending upon the severity of the damage.

5. A Check Is Issued

If the insurance company says yes to your claim, they will issue a check to cover the cost of your roof. During this time, you can tell them which roofing company you are going with to do this repair or replacement.

If you have worked with the roofing company to also provide documentation, then the insurance company will have this information to send them the check directly.

6. You Cover The Deductible

Every homeowner’s policy has a deductible; most commonly this is a $1000 deductible. The check issued will be for the cost of the roof minus this deductible.

What Scenarios Constitute A Roofing Insurance Claim?

Filing a roofing insurance claim seems easy enough. However, you would be surprised at just what type of “damage” will allow for a successful claim.

  • Weather-related damage such as if the Houston area were to be hit by a hurricane or strong storms causing this damage, then the insurance company will have to approve this claim. However, if they were to claim that the roof was aged out, to begin with, before the storm, they could state that the weather damage is not covered.
  • Your insurance is not going to pay if the “damage” is cosmetic. If the roof is fully functional, then the insurance company will state that cosmetic damages are not covered by your policy.
  • If the damage happened months ago, and you wait to make this claim, the insurance agency can deny you. This is why it is imperative to act fast when you have roof damage.
  • Be certain that when you first see damage to your roof, you make the move to prevent further harm, like, putting a tarp on the troubled area of your roof. If you do not do this, it can result in a denied claim.

The good news is that when there is damage to the roof, working with roof companies that work with insurance, often results in getting claims approved.

Why Work With Roof Companies That Work With Insurance?

As stated before, working with roof companies that work with insurance is the way to go. Why is this?

1. Higher Chance Of Getting Claim Approval

When working with us, the chances of getting your claim approved are higher. This is due to our roofing professionals spotting damage better than an adjuster.

For example, while an adjuster may say the hail damage is due to heat blisters, we can determine that this is true hail damage. Hail damage is one of the more common reasons for claims to be approved.

2. We Know The Process

We know how insurance adjusters and companies are, because we work with them. We know what it takes to take to ensure that your home is getting the full claim.

While many people think the process of claiming damage on your insurance should be rather straightforward, it is often riddled with issues. Having us on your side ensures you are not taken advantage of and the insurance you pay for is there for what you need.

As a roofing company that deals with insurance in the Houston area, we are on your side. We offer free estimates that can be used for claims and we will work hand in hand with you throughout this process. Contact us today rather than trying to take on insurance companies on your own.

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