Understanding The Different Types Of Roofing Warranties

June 21, 2024

Your Guide To The Different Types
Of Roof Replacement Warranties
For Cypress, TX Homeowners

Learn The Ins And Outs Of Warranty
Coverage From A Reliable
Roofing Contractor

When you make a major purchase, you probably consider the warranty coverage options. The same should be true when you get a roof replacement in Cypress, TX.

It can be confusing to understand the various warranty types available. After all, most roofs come with more than one warranty. You’ll likely encounter three types of warranties: the manufacturer’s warranty, the workmanship warranty, and the extended warranty.

You’ll need to evaluate each of these before finalizing your roof replacement plans to ensure you get the best coverage possible. Choosing the right roofing contractor will go a long way toward getting a superior warranty.

What Manufacturer’s Warranties Cover
After A Roof Replacement

Most manufacturers offer a standard limited lifetime warranty on your roofing materials. This usually means you’ll have coverage as long as you own your home. However, how much coverage you receive will depend on how long you’ve had the roof installed because it is limited. The level of limited coverage varies by manufacturer.

It’s important to note that most manufacturers cover only the cost of replacement materials. This means you’re fully responsible for paying for labor, material removal, repairs, and installation.

Additionally, the coverage for damaged materials typically decreases over time. Manufacturers often provide full coverage for defective materials for the first few years of the warranty. Then, they will begin prorating the coverage for the rest of the warranty.

Another key component of most standard manufacturer’s warranties is that they strictly cover manufacturing defects. They do not cover installation errors or damages caused by other roofing components installed by your roofing contractor.

To get superior coverage, finding the right roofers for the job is critical. At Houston Roofing & Construction, we’re GAF Master Elite roofers, which means we can extend the exceptional Golden Pledge warranty which offers a lifetime warranty with 50 years of non-prorated coverage.

Your Roofing Contractor’s Labor Warranty

Another reason why you want a reputable roofing contractor to complete your roof replacement is the labor or workmanship warranty they offer. Combined with the manufacturer’s warranty, it offers all-around coverage.

Any roofing contractor in the Greater Houston area who believes in the quality of their work will offer a solid labor warranty to back it up. This means it’s most likely covered if anything goes wrong during the warranty period because of their installation.

These warranties typically cover the cost of any materials needed to make the repairs and the labor needed to install them. If your home sustained any interior damage due to the issue, the warranty may also cover that.

It’s important to note that this type of warranty is specific to issues related to installing your new roof. It will not cover damages related to any of the following:

  • Damages related to alterations made after the installation
  • Leaks caused by falling tree limbs or other debris
  • High wind, storm, or impact damage
  • Damage caused by foot traffic

With GAF’s Golden Pledge warranty, we’re able to provide you with 25 years of workmanship coverage. In addition, the warranty covers tear-off and disposal costs, unlike most other options.

Extended Manufacturer’s Warranties
For Your Cypress, TX Home

A lot of major manufacturers understand the importance of having a solid warranty to back their products. They also know they produce high-quality materials and aren’t afraid to stand behind them. Because of this, they offer extended warranties.

These warranties are only available from select roofing contractors who have been certified by the manufacturers. Most of these warranties cost extra and require you to opt for the entire roofing system to be installed.

Don’t Forget To Register Your
Roof Replacement Warranty 

With the excitement of having a new roof installed on your home, it can be easy to forget to register your warranty. However, if you skip this step, the warranty won’t do you any good if needed. You’ll need to ensure all requirements have been met and that you’re well within the registration time frame.

At Houston Roofing & Construction, we provide hassle-free service with the industry’s best warranty. When you’re ready for a roof replacement in Cypress, TX, call us at 832-810-7822 to schedule your free estimate.

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