Warning! Texas Doesn’t Require Roofing Licenses To Operate

February 24, 2023

How Our RCAT License Puts Us Leaps And Bounds
Ahead Of Other Houston Roofers

We Don’t Need A Roofing License,
But We Got One Anyway

Believe it or not – the state of Texas does NOT require roofing contractors to hold a roofing license to operate legally.

This means anybody in Texas can call themselves a roofing expert and perform expensive, complicated, and essential projects on your home. And if they mess it up, the ramifications can be massive.

Unfortunately, many roofing companies and general contractors take full advantage of Texas’ leniency, promoting themselves as certified and fully-capable roofers.

When things go awry, they hit the road, often moving to other states, changing their company name, and leaving their unsuspecting customers out thousands of dollars and without a reliable roof.

Close your eyes.

Take a deep breath.

It’ll be ok.

Because, at Houston Roofing & Construction, we’ve voluntarily taken steps to ensure total customer peace of mind – we’re RCAT licensed.

Being RCAT licensed isn’t required, but we’re more than willing to prove our customers are in good hands.

What Is RCAT And What Does
It Say About Your Roofer?

Because there’s no state mandate to have a roofing license, the Roofing Contractors Association of Texas (RCAT) was established to ensure quality control for the industry on behalf of Texas citizens.

With its rigorous exams and high standards, it’s hard to get RCAT licensed. But once you do, you prove to your customers that you take yourself and your projects seriously.

So, what exactly are RCAT requirements? They ensure your roofer:

  • Owns, operates, or manages a qualifying roofing company
  • Has operated at least two years prior to application
  • Has insurance and workers comp
  • Practices continuing education
  • Has satisfactory references
  • Has no ongoing litigation
  • Is financially responsible
  • Is BBB+ accredited

Since there are no state requirements to operate as a Texas roofer, we’ve gone above, and beyond to ensure our customers receive the professionalism and quality they deserve at Houston Roofing & Construction.

Not only can we tell our customers everything they want to hear, but we back it with hard-earned verification. Our own standards are high, and so should yours be.

Mistakes, Missteps, And Lawsuits –
Oh My!

Licenses don’t necessarily mean your roofing company will do excellent work, but it’s a good start.

If you’re feeling risky and want to hire a roofer without a license, there’s no telling what kind of work you’ll receive. Without proving they know what they’re doing, anyone can climb up on your roof and hammer some nails in.

This is truly terrifying!

You can be left with half-finished projects, gaping holes in your roof, or, worst of all, be held liable for worker injury sustained on your property. What should have been an easy, breezy repair job can easily turn into a never-ending nightmare.

We’re not trying to scare you, but at Houston Roofing & Construction, we’ve seen endless roofing companies open and close over our 10+ years in the business. It seems like a new one pops up just as soon as another closes (and sometimes under the same owner!)

Though this might be attributed to other factors, we have a strong hunch it’s because they’ve failed to meet Houston homeowners’ standards.

When you respect customers as much as we do, you strive for ways to improve and give them peace of mind. Getting voluntarily licensed isn’t a chore for us – it’s an opportunity.

At Houston Roofing & Construction, We Don’t Need To Prove Ourselves — We Want To

Who actually wants to take a test they don’t have to take? We do!

While other Texas roofing contractors fold left and right, Houston Roofing & Construction is here to stay.

Passing the RCAT exam and meeting their requirements is no easy feat, but if it means giving our customers the assurance they need, we’re in!

Because of Texas’ lax roofing laws, roofers (or anyone that’s ever hammered a shingle in) flock to the state to make a quick buck, especially after big storms. Unlike those contractors who see only an easy payday, we’re one of the few companies with Project Managers who are W-2 employees.

Not only does this promote loyalty, but it establishes accountability – we’re here to stay.

As we said, we already hold ourselves to a high standard, so getting licensed is just one more piece of the puzzle. To maintain our license, we take eight continuing education courses each year, keeping ourselves fresh and tuned to the industry we love.

To experience professional roofing that meets and surpasses the RCAT standard, contact us at Houston Roofing & Construction for a free inspection and estimate.

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