We Added An Extra Day Of Work To Protect This Home

February 19, 2023
Case Study

We Added An Extra Day Of Work To Make
Certain Not One Nail Was Left Behind

Roof Replacements And Pools Don’t Get
Along – So Here’s What We Did About It

Finding an RCAT (Roofing Contractors Association of Texas) Houston roofer?


Having your roof replacement under the professional direction of a dedicated Project Manager?


Hiring a top 1% roofer to go above and beyond to ensure your home is completely protected?


Those are the precise reasons why these Houston homeowners decided to hire us, given the fragile nature of their property and the sheer size of their roof.

Pools And Roof Replacements Don’t Mix

Preventing any damage to your property may seem like an obvious enough goal for Houston roofers to try and accomplish.

But as is often the case when tearing off and disposing of thousands of pounds of raw roofing material from elevated areas, property damage is not uncommon.

Whether shrubbery loses some leaves or siding is scratched, roof replacements are undoubtedly an inherently disruptive process. And this particular roof replacement was no exception – for one reason in particular.

Their pool.

Pools are particularly vulnerable to damage from roof replacements because if any debris decides to go for a swim, expensive pool equipment can get sabotaged. Or even worse, an unsuspecting person or pet can sustain injury from debris resting on the pool’s bottom.

Nails, for example, are an especially hazardous piece of debris.

As you can see, this pool was positioned in a tricky area surrounded by roofing on two sides – wedged in a 90º corner under the large roof.

But even more difficult? The pool deck and the surrounding balconies were bright white.

In other words, we had zero room for error.

So… We Protected The Pool And
Pool Deck With Extreme Care

If this homeowner had hired less than the best in Houston roofing, perhaps they would’ve had a reason to be concerned.

But we’re Houston Roofing and Construction. So they could comfortably sit back and relax as we let our professional process guide the entire project.


Our tried and true solutions greatly reduce, if not completely eliminate, any risk of damage.

And what we do isn’t even that ground-breaking or amazing… we’re just deeply committed and care a whole lot about each and every one of our customer’s complete satisfaction.

In terms of this substantial roof replacement, here’s how we took the right steps to ensure not one nail got away:

  • Proper Preparation – We pulled taught a thick and durable black tarp over the affected areas of the pool and pool deck. Not missing one inch of vulnerable areas and even extending the protection further than needed to create a nice buffer.
  • Extra Time And Care – We added 25% more to our original project timeline (we planned to replace the roof in three days but spent four in total). We did this to remove the roof debris in organized stacks with great care before discarding instead of simply tossing it into our nearby receptacle.
  • Project Manager Supervision – Rob, one of our Project Managers, not only sold this project but also supervised it. So he intimately knew the owners and their specific needs and concerns. Not many homeowners are so lucky to receive such a concierge-level experience from start to finish with their roofer.

Other roofers might call all of the above “extra labor.”

But we prefer to simply call it “taking the needed time to do the job right.”

An Invitation To Return

The homeowners were so pleased with our efforts during this September 2022 roof replacement that they invited us (and their favorite PM, “Rob the Roofer”) back for another project.


As of writing this in February of 2023, we’re heading to their home again this month. But this time to work on some gutters and other home improvements.

So if you want your roof replaced by the true professionals in Houston roof replacement, contact Houston Roofing and Construction for a free roof inspection and estimate today!

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